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EA Access May Be Coming to PC


EA Access is a very popular subscription service that is available on the Xbox One. Subscribers get multiple benefits such as exclusive deals, early trials, and free games. Based on the questions of a recent survey, it looks like EA is wanting to bring a similar service to the PC.

Last night, NeoGAF member posted pictures of a survey he received from EA. Based on the survey, it seems like EA is considering bringing many of the features of the popular EA access service, such as early releases and discounts, to the PC.

The biggest difference between Xbox One’s EA Access and the hypothetical PC subscription is the possibility of titles from different publishers. The survey specifically mentioned Bethesda, Ubisoft, Activision, and Take-Two as publishers that may be included in the service. It also mentions the possibility of indie games being included as well.

The survey has multiple pages of hypothetical plans. These plans range from $4.99 a month to $14.99 a month, and they all have various benefits. For instance, some plans get games earlier while other plans get a wider selection of games. The other areas that vary between the different plans include whether the games have trials, if DLC is included, the type of discounts, and the what games are available.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear how possible this service is and whether the other publishers are already on board. Regardless, this seems to be another step EA is taking to improve their image amongst the PC gaming community. Based on the repeated question of “Would you sign up for this subscription option within the next year?”, it looks like EA is hoping to release this service relatively soon.
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