Dying Light: The Following's Map Is Being Released in a Unique Way

Long gone are the days of simple map releases for new games/expansions. Techland has upped the playing field by going a step above and including...
  1. Claws

    As we near the release date for Dying Light: The Following's new expansion, Techland is slowly releasing more and more sneak peeks of the upcoming DLC. Instead of the usual release of information, they've decided that it would build more hype if people actually contributed to the amount of information they get to see. They've started a campaign for Dying Light: The Following that's never been done before, and it involves the use of Twitter.

    The basic idea behind the campaign is that users tweet @DyingLightGame with the hashtag #TweetForSpeed and that causes a specifically modified slot car to begin to spin around the track. The more tweets they receive, the longer the car goes before stopping. The distance covered by the car clears some fog and reveals parts of the map, and hopefully the entire map over time. For those of you who are interested in Dying Light: The Following and would like to watch the progress, they are streaming the entire reveal on Twitch. There are one hundred squares to be revealed, and currently fifteen of them are viewable.
    There is also a larger map on their website with clickable Points of Interest, Locations, Big Locations, and Safezones. When clicked on, they show a small picture of the area as well as a small bit of information. The map can be viewed here. Further down the page you'll also find a button that you can click and it opens a pop-up with a preset message allowing you to easily tweet at Techland to move the car on the track.


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  1. Master
    That is a really unique way of revealing the new DLC map.
  2. zlReborn
    I love dying light I honestly think this is one of the best game I ever played.
  3. Kabal
    Finally love this game still play it from time to time definitely a underrated game.
  4. RocketBunny
    I have a good 200 hours on Dying Light, I still play it just to f*** around when im bored, I cannot wait for this DLC, its killing me. I need it now.
  5. Stoner
    I still play dying light from time to time and can't wait for this DLC :biggrin:
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    2. Stoner
      Claws yeah man I've been waiting for the cars for ages because my friend was telling me about It ages ago I still have a group of people that play it so it's good :smile: but if your or fettyjeff ever want to play it pm me your gamertags if you want :biggrin:
    3. fettyjeff
      Thanks for the offer, Stoner . :smile: Very much appreciated.
    4. Stoner
  6. Wavy
    Oh I can't wait... Dying Light was honestly the most enjoyable game of 2015 imo...
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    1. Claws
      I found it fun for a few weeks, then it just kind of felt redundant to me. Maybe with this map release I will pick it back up again :tongue:
  7. televisedfool
    I loved Dying light.

    Might be time to buy it again in time for the new DLC. :biggrin:
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  8. 3xTiNcT
    Wow, that's a pretty cool way to release something.
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