Developer Techland recently announced that its zombie action game, Dying Light, is getting a ton of free DLC in the next 12 months. To kick things off, it has just released a free content pack on PC that includes new enemies, a weapon, and more.

Called Content Drop #0, it's meant to be a "lead-in" to the frequent DLC drops starting in September. Its most significant additions are a new faction of soldiers and a new type of enemy. According to a press release, the soldiers are "set to cause havoc in the Old Town," while the zombie is referred to as a Mutated Goon. You can check out the content in the video above.

In addition, the DLC adds a "Hunted" player outfit and a weapon, the Harran Military Rifle. The rifle, however, is exclusively available through Techland's new distribution platform, called Gemly. Players can buy games from Techland and other developers through Gemly, and the platform also acts as a community hub and stats system for Techland games.

The studio will release 10 DLC packs over the course of 12 months, with the first one coming in September. Content Drop #0 is currently only available on PC, but it'll come to consoles when the September DLC pack launches. Dying Light is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GameSpot