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Due Process - An Upcoming Tactical Shooter


Last Friday, we joined the Giant Enemy Crab development team in a game of Due Process. Due Process is Giant Enemy Crab's upcoming game that goes back to the roots of tactical shooters.

The concept behind the game is actually fairly straightforward. There are two teams, attackers and defenders. The defenders spawn inside a building that is randomly generated, and the attackers try to break into the building. The attackers have to kill all of the defenders within a certain amount of time, or else they will lose. On paper, this sounds really simplistic, but the amount of planning and tactics required to be successful is what gives the game its depth.

Before the round starts, both teams have a two minute grace period to arm themselves and plan their attack. To plan, every player can use their mouse to draw on their map and all the drawings are visible by the entire team. Right now the drawing is limited to what you can do with your mouse, but there is plans to add decals that you can paste on the map to make drawing certain symbols faster.

Most of the time, the attackers’ plan is based on the equipment they start out with. In the first round, there is a wide variety of equipment available. However, all of the equipment used in a round won’t be available in the next round, which means you have to be conservative with your resources.

By looking at the map, the attackers can assess their options and choose what resources they will need to enter the building. Depending on the layout of the building, it may be wise to blow through a weak wall or door. There are also times when kicking in the door is all you need to do. Once you create your entry point, you must strategically enter the building, making sure you have cover for at least a small amount of time. In most circumstances, cover can be provided via a flashbang which causes the defends to lose their vision. It is also possible to use other equipment, such as grenades or riot shields, as a form of cover.

Due Process Alpha Gameplay

So far, a majority of the game’s features are only available for the attackers. The defenders do still have the map to plan out their defense strategy, but they have a much smaller armory. The only things defenders spawn with are sub-machine guns and pistols. Depending on the random generation of the map, it’s also possible for there to be less SMGs than players, so some are stuck with only a pistol. The development team has been experimenting with new defense equipment such as trip mines, but have yet to find a balanced solution they are ready to finalize.

Overall, the early build of Due Process we had the opportunity to play was very fun. I have a lot of faith in this team, not only because the game is already fun, but because they seem to be very self-aware of what they can do and what needs to be done. For instance, they have goals such as bringing objectives to the game, but they acknowledge the fact that it may be awhile before this happens.

If you’re interested in playing Due Process, then you may have to wait awhile before you can play. The current hope is that the public release will happen sometime in September, but that date is subject to change. There are also no plans to do any sort of early access or public betas, but you can sign up to alpha test in the coming months. However, getting in seems rather unlikely, especially if you don’t have a site or channel to share the game on. The good news is that the final game will likely be even better than the earlier builds. The developers are actually rebuilding the game from scratch, and have already started to implement some new graphics and models.

To keep up to date on the development of Due Process, visit dueprocess.info
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