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DualShock 4 Light Bar is to be Always On


It comes as no surprise that the Light Bar on the DualShock 4 Controllers for the PlayStation 4 will be always on. The PlayStation Camera was originally to be bundled with the console but it was recently removed to cut costs.

A Twitter user asked Shuhei Yoshida if the Light Bar could be turned off to conserve power, the answer was a very blunt “No”.


The Light Bar was intended to be a heavily used feature for the PlayStation 4 but now not so much, especially now the camera isn't included. It will be useful to those who buy the camera separately but for those who don’t it will just be a nice blue light that cannot be switched off.


It isn't exactly the biggest flaw and doesn't amount to the “bad decisions” Microsoft has made, but without a doubt we will still see gamers around the world consider this as a “problem”.

Personally I it find rather silly, if the camera is optional, why not the light bar? Surely it isn't needed and it can cause some problems for players, such as playing in a darkened room, although it isn't exactly a big deal for the masses. Will we see controllers without the Light Bar? What are your thoughts? Please share them below.
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