Fellow captains, welcome to Dreadnought‘s official launch on PS4! It feels great to finally remove the beta moniker and officially be live. This game is the culmination of years of work across two continents by teams that live and breathe colossal capital ships. From the intense battles of Team Deathmatch to the punishing, unrelenting waves of ships in Havoc mode, Dreadnought is a one-of-a-kind capital spaceship action shooter, and I would like to congratulate the team for a job well-done (of course, we’re definitely not done yet).

Most of all, I’d like to thank our community of players on PS4. We’ve learned a massive amount from you throughout the beta. You’ve been vocal about what you like and dislike, which has given us crucial information as we improve combat balance, game modes and the structure of progression and perks. Without your input, Dreadnought would not be what it is today. As we leave beta behind, I hope that all the passion I’ve seen in players stays alive and that the feedback keeps rolling in, because every one of you plays an essential role in continuing to make Dreadnought even better.

So, what can you expect next year? Well, this is just the beginning for Dreadnought on PS4, and we’ll be working on tons of small improvements as well as some pretty big stuff. For example, custom games, which will give you more control over how you set up your matches, is among our highest priorities. There are also new ships and maps on the horizon, and we’re looking into new game modes that bring major changes to how you play.

That’s all we can say—other than we’re pumped to reveal it all to you. Please keep an eye on all of our official channels and streams. We’ll be giving you a sneak peek of some new, steel-melting hotness soon! For now, I’m looking forward to warping into battle with you for matches full of tactical fire and capital spaceship fury.

Source: PlayStation Blog