With Dragon Quest XI coming to both PS4 and 3DS in Japan this July, the handheld isn't the only one getting a special-edition system.

Sony today revealed its DQXI-branded PS4 Slim on Japan's PlayStation Blog. It features a simple blue design with a symbol on the top--or side, if you buy a vertical stand--and a slime on the front. Much like the metal slime PS4 previously released in Japan, there's also a USB cover that resembles a slime (although this time, it's gold). The controller matches the system, with the symbol on the touchpad and a slime on the right grip.

Best of all might be the box it comes in, which is quite elaborate. And as with the special-edition New 2DS XL, this package comes with a Dragon Quest theme for the system. You can see all of this in the gallery above.

The PS4 is equipped with a 1 TB hard drive and comes with a copy of Dragon Quest XI. It's priced at 39,980 yen (about $359 / £277) and launches on July 29, the same day as the game and the DQ-themed New 2DS XL.

There's no word regarding an international release. As noted in our coverage of the 2DS, Dragon Quest is far more popular in Japan than the rest of the world, so this may very well remain Japan-only.

In addition to 3DS and PS4, Dragon Quest XI is also coming to Nintendo Switch, but that version has not yet been dated.

Source: GameSpot