Bandai Namco revealed its upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character Fused Zamasu earlier this week, and now we're getting a look at some of his fierce moves in a new gameplay trailer. Check out Fused Zamasu in action in the video above. There's still no official release date on when Zamasu will hit the game, just that he will be available soon on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Fused Zamasu is the result of the fusion of Zamasu and his counterpart Goku Black, and he's one of the major antagonists in the Dragon Ball Superseries. He was first announced in a recent issue of V-Jump magazine (via Gematsu), which also revealed that some his special attacks give him the ability to fly freely through the air. You can see some of his aerial moves in the new gameplay trailer.

Fused Zamasu is the third DLC character to become the Dragon Ball FighterZ, following the release of Broly and Bardock in March. Broly is slow but overwhelmingly powerful, while Bardock favors rush attacks and close-range fighting. All of the characters (and future ones) are included in the game's $35 US / £22 / $40.95 AU season pass. We don't know how much Fused Zamasu will cost on his own, but the other DLC characters could be purchased for $5 US / £4 / $7.55 AU each.

Source: GameSpot