We’ve made no secret of it, we’re looking forward to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Arc System Works published a trailer last week detailing the fighting game’s campaign mode and it is pure anime excellence.

The backstory: A legion of super android fighters has arrived, and the warriors they mimic fall unconscious as a result. Goku, the principal fighter controlled by the user, pushes through three story arcs to find the truth behind this incursion and those responsible for it.

It seems that cloning the warriors gives Dragon Ball FighterZ a plausible reason for Goku to fight allies without turning any of them evil (or mind-controlling them, or whatever other plot devices fighting games use to get friends to throw down). A new villain, Android 21, seems to be the one behind it all. The story is wrapped in all of the crackling energy, power vocals and motion blur one would expect of an epic anime.

Source: Polygon