Only a few days remain until Dragon Ball FighterZ makes its worldwide debut on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but Bandai Namco still has one more surprise announcement in store for fans ahead of the game's launch. The publisher unveiled another character who'll be playable in the highly anticipated Dragon Ball fighting game, and it's one we've already seen before.

In the latest issue of V-Jump magazine (via Gematsu), Bandai Namco revealed that the mysterious Android 21 will be playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ. We've known about Android 21 for quite some time now; she was first revealed back in September and is an entirely original character designed specifically for the game. Up until now, however, the publisher had only confirmed that she plays a central role in Dragon Ball FighterZ's story mode and has some hand in reviving Android 16.

What's most surprising about Android 21's addition to the roster is her appearance. While the scientist is generally seen wearing a white lab coat, the scans from V-Jump magazine reveal an entirely different look for her. It appears Android 21 can transform into her own Majin Buu-like form, complete with pink skin and the ability to turn opponents into candy. According to V-Jump, Android 21 can also absorb another fighter's energy and use their moves; by absorbing Goku's energy, for instance, Android 21 can unleash a Kamehameha.

Android 21 is the 24th playable character announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Before her, Bandai Namco revealed a trio of fighters from the ongoing Dragon Ball Super series: Beerus, Hit, and Goku Black. You can check out 4K footage of those three characters in action here. Other recently revealed characters include Kid Buu, adult Gohan, and Gotenks.

An open beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ took place this past weekend and let players try out 11 playable characters. However, due to persistent network issues, Bandai Namco is holding another Dragon Ball FighterZ beta from January 17-18.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in just over a week, on January 26. Bandai Namco recently shared the minimum and required specs for the latter version. If you'd like to see more from the title, you can check out all of Dragon Ball FighterZ's super moves and every one of the game's Dramatic Finishes so far. You can also test your Dragon Ball knowledge with our look at the History of Dragon Ball Games.

Source: GameSpot