During Quake Con 2014, Doom fans were pleased to know that Bethesda and ID software were working hard on Doom 4. according to VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines stated that this glimpse of Doom was to reassure fans and to make people anxious. although Doom is scheduled to come out in 2015, fans will be ready to pre-order it when the time comes. This Doom would be the 4th installment. Hines also stated that the game wasn't ready for full publicity and he was afraid of the scrutiny it would receive. Bethesda is going for A different type of Doom, unsimilar to its previous games.

Bethesda revealed many things with the 20 minute demo at QuakeCon and fans were surprised. the game will be set on mars as its being invaded by hell itself. instead of the "cover to cover" style of play, they are focusing on a running and gunning style. old school enemy's are returning like the Hell-nights and Cyber-demons. Enemy's are now able to "teleport in" for a more old school approach. There is no regeneration of health or ammo, both are found on the ground. Most fan favorite guns will be returning as well, this gives fans a lot of hope that Doom comes out sooner then expected.

Doom 4 will come out for the Ps4, Xbox One, and PC. though no date has been announced, everyone expects Doom to come out in Early 2015. ID Software has also let everyone know that if you pre-order Wolfenstein: the new order, ( ID Software's Other game coming soon ). you will have access to the Beta for Doom. This Beta announcement gives hints that Doom may come out before 2015 and that gets fans hyped about the game.

With Doom 4 most likely coming in 2015, I will be pre-ordering Wolfenstein and then later Doom. how many of you will be getting both games?

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