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Dollhouse is a bone-chilling, first person, single-player and multiplayer PC game where you play as three different characters, a suspended therapist, a lonely housewife and a child who appears to be disturbed. All of their lives are interconnected and you decide how the game plays out. The game has eight different maps which are randomly generated as you play, including a psych ward, a carnival and a hotel. According to the developers, each map is completely different from the other ones due to different lighting, moods, and atmosphere. Creazn claimed every component is generated "from as little as a cup on a table or whole room layouts." This unique horror game is mainly based off of Stephen King's The Shining and many of his other books and movies.

The producers have been teasing this game on their twitter since April of this year. Creazn, the producers of Dollhouse and the producers of the horrifying game, i-nfected , stated the game will be coming out in December of 2014. There has been no specific release date, but the official Creazn website says a demo of the game will be available for download soon.

In Dollhouse you are trapped in a maze-like atmosphere, and your main objective is to escape alive. Other objectives of this game include collecting fragments of your memories and forming a story with those collected memories. Different collections determine how your story ends. Using different abilities and items you can prevent yourself from being killed by the enemy. Creazn has claimed that DLC and Unlockable content will be available, along with Steam achievements. So far, these producers have received three awards, one of them being Best Concept at one of Canada’s largest Indie game showcases in Toronto in 2013. Cat Yang, the illustrator and graphic designer for Dollhouse, has teased the public with 8 different photos which you can see in the spoiler below.


Creazn has added a multiplayer and co-op experience which consists of teaming up with friends, or betraying enemies. In the Dollhouse multiplayer, you will be able to choose between three different types of gameplay. Invasion is where players can invade another players campaign to assume the role of your character, but do not worry, it can be disabled in the game settings. The other game mode is called Synch’d, in which you and another player can help each other in collecting different recordings to help add a better experience to your story. The downside of the game mode is if you get caught by the Doll, you and your friends will be forced over to start over completely. The last announced game mode is competitive. In competitive, 4 players play together in different competitive modes, and focus on the same elements of the story.

Here is a quote by Creazn, talking about the game play of Dollhouse:
The whole game is designed to look like a 1940’s movie. You cannot win or lose in this game, you are just trying to craft a story you want yourself to believe in.
There are eight levels; each procedurally generated to ensure infinite replay value.

You are being chased by your own conscience, however the twist is that you can see through its eyes to create an interesting dynamic of cat and mouse.

There are many unique abilities players can collect and items to use as players progress through the levels.

Here is my personal opinion on Dollhouse, make sure you post your opinion on it also, I would like to hear some feedback from the community. At first, when I began reading about this game, it seemed very boring, until I looked more into it. I love the idea how the game gives the illusion of it taking place in a 1940s movie. The black and white aspect of it really makes it seem creepier. If there is not a set release date coming soon, I will be checking Steam daily in December. This game looks amazing. I can not wait.

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