Earlier this month, CyberConnect2 decided to grace us with Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst for PS3, XBOX 360 ,and for the first time in the series, PC. It's been released not only as a $40 director's cut release, but also as a $10 dlc for those who have already purchased the regular version of the game.. The only difference between the two versions of full burst being that the "on-disc" version also comes packed with 38 of the 40 alternate costumes that were released as dlc for the regular version prior to full burst as well, the two missing being the pre-order Goku outfit for Naruto that came as a pre-order bonus for the regular vesion of the game and the Hello Kitty Sakura outfit, which I'm around 96% sure you don't care about. Now then, onto the things that were added or revised from the dlc, the full burst dlc also revamps many of the cutscenes in the story mode of the game to make them more faithful to the anime, which is quite nice. Also, a new challenge mission mode has been added which allows you to fight in over 100 challenge battles with various constraints and conditions, some of which can be fairly challenging, it really allows you to put your skills to the test, the only negative thing about this mode being that the only reward you really get is some pictures that can be installed as backgrounds for your XBOX 360 dashboard or PS3 main menu. Another thing that has been added, albeit fairly minor, is a new tournament mode called "Perpetual Change Tournament" which allows you to fight through a tournament (go-figure) with constantly changing battle conditions, such as attack power doubling in turns every 5 counts, being able to awaken at any time, not being able to use substitutions, etc.


The final two things, and probably the most important, that have been added via the full burst dlc is the ability to play as Dragon Sage Kabuto, who has wonderful and fluid combos and an amazing new boss battle where you battle Dragon Sage Kabuto with awesomely executed quicktime events that are faithful to the anime littered throughout. If you've played any of the other boss battles from Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, or Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 previously, you know what kind of quality to expect. If your really a big fan of the Naruto series and/or the Ultimate Ninja storm games, I'd say this dlc is an absolute must-buy. I've managed to get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it myself, as such, I'd give this dlc a 9/10 it far exceeded my expectations, it's a great improvement to an already great game.


On a closing note, if you purchase the dlc in the coming days or have already purchased it, I'd love to hear what you think of it, other opinions are always welcome.