Coming soon to Steam is Plant Diver. A brand new game about an ambitious female explorer ready to tackle whatever challenges she may face. Using her trusty wingsuit, she travels the galaxy seeking adventure wherever she goes. Right alongside her is Buddy, her trusty robot companion who assists her on their travels. Seeking only the most dangerous of planets and chasms she can test her wingsuit out in, Planet Diver is sure to bring you a unique planet-hopping gaming experience.

In Planet Diver, you'll be making your way through many different planets, each of which will have dangerous alien plant and animal life. You’ll need to keep a watchful eye on how deep you dive into a planet. You’ll never know what mysteries await you and the depths of a planet's core. As for your travels, you’ll be collecting as many valuable Star Stuff as you can, a valuable resource that will help you extend your adventures. Once you’ve collected enough Star Stuff, you can travel to planets you couldn’t previously access, purchase new outfits, and modifiers for your special abilities. As for online play, you can battle against other players for the best dive, or you can try to unlock different rewards by completing difficult challenges.


By now you should understand the main goal of Planet Diver. Dive into planets, and collect as much Star Stuff as you can. The developers at Fabraz have aimed to make Planet Diver a very easy game to learn, but one that takes a skilled player to master it. As you begin your descent into the different planets, you’ll need to quickly switch between defensive and offensive gameplay. The faster you descend, the higher your Star Stuff multiplier will go. Each level you play will progressively become more difficult, each one will not only push you to undiscovered limits, but they’ll give you new goals you need to accomplish every single time. Each planet will include new missions, obstacles, biomes and enemies for you to discover and face.

Planet Diver will feature a lengthy campaign mode that will feature 3 planets, 9 biomes, and 75 missions, each with different challenges for you to complete. Each chasm you dive into will be randomly generated, this will leave players with unique dives every single time. On these dives, you’ll be able to brake and speed up to avoid enemies and other obstacles that may be in your way. In-between your travels, make sure you check out the Astro Shop. This is where you’ll spend your hard earned Star Stuffs to unlock diving suits, modifiers, music, and many more in-game items. Check out Steam on December 1st to give Planet Diver a try when it releases!

Planet Diver