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Disney Looking to Woo Gamers


Seldom do multibillion organizations and companies whose bread and butter lay in the movie production industry set their eyes on a specific target prospect: gamers that grew up during the late 80's and 90's. Temporaily transitioning from the norm, Disney is paving way for their upcoming "Wreck-It Ralph," production. Aiming to impress and perhaps win the hearts of many gamers abroad, Disney is certainly incurring a risky endeavor, for gamer culture is rarely impressed by ephremal nostalgia factor. However, as it seems from a released trailer, Disney may actually dwelve deeper than expected and add a certain Disney charm while exclusively playing out a story that any real gamer will be able to understand.


Meet Ralph. He is your sterotypical 80's arcade bad guy.

The premise for Wreck-It Ralph is quite simple at its core. Ralph, the 'bad guy' in an arcade cabinet game labeled "Fix-It Felix!" grows tired of his job. Fretting over zero recognition and the redundancy of his role, kind hearted Ralph has an epiphany. Despite the reactions given by his fellow villianous bretheren, Ralph decides to radically ditch the stalling role of Wreck-It Ralph and embody a role much more noble; he acts on a goal to become the 'good guy.' The movie then follows Ralph on his adventure from rock bottom to his dreams. Knowing traditional Disney charm, there will plenty of humor, lessons to learn, and recognizeable icons from gamer culture alongside an enjoyable, memorable, and loveable plot.​

It is surprising to see Wreck-It Ralph arise from the depths from concept and into the reach of reality due the many licenses and rights agreements that Disney had to meet with many developers across the world. Such dedication to quite literally pick every single recognizeable gaming icon may show that Disney is putting more than a grunts breath into their upcoming movie. With villian cameos ranging from Kano (Mortal Kombat) to Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog), some may fancy a certain nostalgia factor early in the movie. Other may find pleasure in plight bothering Ralph while some may laugh at jokes that may be exclusive to gamer culture. Regardless, Disney is venturing out from their comfort zone and into a unchartered territory. They can easily hit a gold mine or simply poke into an abandoned mineshaft; this factor is completely determined by how exactly Disney treads through their new market territory. Wreck-It Ralph may be a wrecking disaster or a wrecking delight as many mend their fingers and keep them cross in hopes of the latter being the least Wreck-It Ralph will achieve.​

Watch the Wreck-It Ralph trailer here: http://bit.ly/KiZ4h1
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