The ruins of AT-AT’s lie everywhere, death and destruction are all around you. Ships explode in the sky above raining down debris as the chaotic war on Jakku reaches its climax. Even as a massive Star Destroyer crashes its way towards the ground the battle never pauses for a second. Coming soon to Star Wars: Battlefront is The Battle of Jakku update. On December 1st every player that preordered the game will get access to the DLC, and all other players a week later.

The Battle of Jakku takes places after the Rebel’s victory in The Battle of Endor, and is the moment the New Republic destroyed Imperial holdouts on the barren desert planet. The events on The Battle of Jakku take place 29 years before the events of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It’ll be pretty interesting to see how the game references key moments in the Star Wars universe.

Coming with the new DLC, is a brand new game mode called Turning Point. The mode will allow up to 20 Rebels and 20 Imperials face each other in all-out 40 player combat. The new game mode will paint the vivid picture of The Battle of Jakku, and the Rebel’s efforts to destroy the forces of the Empire on the planet. On the map the Empire has crafted an impromptu base along with smaller Imperial-controlled structures all over the map. After a dangerous emergency landing on the planet, the Rebel forces will need to locate each enemy base on the planet and take over each and every one of them. There will be a time limit in place for the Rebels, so you shouldn’t waste any time locating the bases once you land.


The Rebels will need to capture ⅓ of the points on the map. If the Rebels successfully capture an Imperial base, additional time will be gained and extra bases will be opened up for them to capture. If you’ve ever played the Rush mode in Battlefield it should give you a general idea of how this mode will be played. As the Rebel forces progress through each Imperial base the difficulty will increase. The battle will reach its climax at the main Empire base where the final stand will take place.

DICE wanted to move away from the starfighters preoccupied with the air battles to focus on airspeeders and AT-STs in thee new game mode. They wanted to place the AT-ST in a defensive position, something it hasn’t been used for in the Walker Assault and Supremacy modes. AT-ST users will need to need to meet the oncoming Rebel onslaught head-on while airspeeder users will need to give supporting fire to their Rebel brothers taking on the Imperial scum. DICE wanted to create an exciting game mode which will have both sides fighting as hard as possible to claim the victory. Normally a player would be at ease if they could take back a claimed control point by enemy forces. In Turning Point, this isn’t the case. Once the Rebels have claimed a control point the Empire cannot re-gain access to it. In addition to this, if a group of Rebels are claiming a point and the claim process is interrupted by some immediate death dished out by some pissed off Imperials, the Empire’s forces will have to decide whether or not to defend the already almost claimed point, or to just let it go and move on.

Overall, The Battle of Jakku will be one of the most intense maps to play on. With the new game mode, DICE aimed to bring a whole new level of dynamic gameplay to Star Wars: Battlefront. During the battle, the action will never stop. As showcased in the teaser trailer, DICE will once again turn the in-game events al the way up to 11 just as they did with the skyscraper falling in Siege of Shanghai in Battlefield 4. That's right, you will get to see the Star Destroyer crash down onto the battlefield in the middle of the round. Personally I can't wait to see how they executed this. Make sure you download Tthe Battle of Jakku on December 1st if you preordered the game, and one December 7th if you didn't.

The Battle of Jakku