DICE Reveals New Game Mode For Star Wars: Battlefront

Yesterday, DICE took to the official Star Wars: Battlefront website to reveal an all new game for for the upcoming highly anticipated FPS. This...
By God · Sep 10, 2015 · Updated Sep 10, 2015
  1. God

    Yesterday, DICE took to the official Star Wars: Battlefront website to reveal an all new game for for the upcoming highly anticipated FPS. This new game mode which is named Drop Zone, has been described as a tactical, yet action filled, mode where players would need to keep their senses sharp and their eyes on the sky.

    The game mode is similar to the "King-of-the-Hill" styled gameplay where players would need to control a certain point for as long as they possibly can. The main objective of the Drop Zone mode, is to focus on the Drop Pods falling from the atmosphere to the ground below. Teams of 8 vs 8 need to fight to capture and control these Drop Pods.

    When a player makes it to the Drop Pod, they need to stand by it in order to officially capture it. If you ever played a game of Conquest in the Battlefield series, this mode will feel right at home with you. In order to win, one team will need to capture all 5 Drop Pods, and control a majority of then after the 10 minute match is up. If a pod is constantly changing possession with no team able to defend it long enough to claim it, another pod will be sent down to break the stalemate. Then, there would be two pods that the teams have to gain control over.

    Claiming Drop Pods comes with another perk: they contain Power Pickups. Once successfully claimed, the pod will start to open. It may take a few moments, but being patient will be worth the risk as the reward will be great. The mode is set to conflict player choices, because when claimed pod is opening up, another one will hit the surface on another part of the map and claiming the other pod may be the wiser move.

    Lead Level Designer, Dennis Brännvall, says that "camping doesn't pay off" in this mode due to campers most likely being destroyed by an Orbital Strike by the enemy team, or some explosives planted by quick thinking players. “We’re promoting the idea of a fast, action-packed game where you need to be mobile and think on your feet."
    Using Droids and Turrets to give your team a tactical advantage is always a wise move. For instance, throw down a turret and give your partner a shout that you've got this section covered, or deploy a Viper Droid that outlines where enemies are coming from.

    Star Wars: Battlefront releases on November 17th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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  1. PseudoExon
    Hmm...A lot of hype around this game/Title. May end up waiting on this til I see reviews of gameplay.
  2. Wavy
    So kind of like War from COD5, or Momentum from AW, except that multiple "capture-enabled zones" can be present. Sounds fine by me. Everyone needs to just chillaaax :smile:
    1. Stonerzard
      Nope, it's nothing like either one - it's like Drop Zone from MW3.
    2. Wavy
      I can see where you think that, but the OP suggests otherwise as well. You don't ever capture a zone in MW3's Drop Zone. You just hold it until the next one appears. In this Battlefront version according to the OP, you actually capture it, then move on to a next, much like a zone in War or Momentum. Granted multiple pods or zones can be active at one time.
    3. Stonerzard
      Sorry, I meant to say it's more like Drop Zone. It's not got the zones, it just has multiple pods that come down. It's basically Drop Zone but without the actual zone.
  3. jason blenden
    That's so cool
  4. Stonerzard
    Great. Another multiplayer game mode confirmed. I wonder when they'll start making this game for actual Star Wars fans? And not just fans of the prequels and one or two games.
      jason blenden likes this.
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    2. jason blenden
      shout up like I mean WTF
    3. jason blenden
    4. Stonerzard
      You still haven't addressed the main point, how does one go about becoming one of the biggest Star Wars fans on the site?
      When have I attempted to argue about usernames? I just said that you're not actually Deadpool. Naivety must be fun, huh?
  5. Negan
    I love battlefield so I would most likely love this game mode
      Salus likes this.
  6. Salus
    Battlefield star wars edition gets a new game mode yayyyyyyyy
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    2. Stonerzard
      It's just basically Battlefield with a Star Wars skin.
    3. Deadpool
      Can you provide any logic or facts to back that statement?
    4. Stonerzard
      I don't need to, it's my opinion.
  7. denz
    f*** your perks that show other players.I have a huge problem with things like this in any multiplayer.
  8. kainoa25
    *Sigh* When I think of Star wars battlefront, I think of huge epic wars as I participate as a ground trooper. Playing the moded STBF in huge battle where there it was damn near 50v50 was amazing. I was soooo hoping they did something like titanfall where theres bot ai on both teams who act as fodders while it remains 20v20 or whatever.
  9. 3xTiNcT
    Sounds like it will be a good game mode.
  10. The Lorhax
    I know what gamode I'll be playing with my friends...wait I don't have friends.