Coming soon to Battlefield 4 is Dragon Valley 2015. Originally released for Battlefield 2, the map will be returning to Battlefield 4 as a map in the upcoming Legacy Operation update. DICE’s main goal with this map was to create something large enough to support the game’s 32 vs 32 large-scale warfare. This includes making the map vehicle and infantry combat-friendly. The end result isn’t an exact copy of the original map, but a fresh take on the original that allows players to test the waters in all of the game modes allowed on the map. Dragon Valley 2015 will sport a slew of changes and upgrades from the original map. Check out what DICE has planned for the future below.

The main difference between the Dragon Valley map in Battlefield 2 and the Battlefield 4 version is the scale of every single major capture point on the map. Every point has not only been increased in size but has received a major upgrade in terms of the detail when compared to the previous version. The map will also have more flag capture points than any other map in Battlefield 4. DICE intentionally did this to not only to slow down and prolong the battle taking place across the map but to allow players to truly experience dynamic combat and all-out-war like never before. Dragon Valley 2015 will be taller than the original map. With extreme mountainous terrain for players to cross over and thick layers of clouds hindering pilots, this map just may be one of the most intense maps to play in Battlefield 4.

As for the actual upgrades done to the map, DICE started off with the Chinese Base/Factory Area on the map. Originally, the map was based around your basic Conquest Assault layout. This meant that all of the flags on the map would be under the control of the Chinese forces at the beginning of the round with the US’s carrier being the only uncapturable position. In the upgraded map, all of the flags at the beginning of the match are set with a neutral status. Since the map now follows normal Conquest rules, the Chinese base area will now become an area the US cannot place under their grip of control. As for the Power Plant/Dam Area, the Dragon Valley 2015 version now features a full-size dam with a large facility area for the dam. This is much larger than the original small area in the Battlefield 2 version. DICE as deemed this area a point where US soldiers and Chinese tanks will consistently clash in battle, so it would be wise to bring anti-tank weapons to this area.


The Hill Village on the other hand, was once a small grouping of houses that was now upgraded to a huge village with multiple levels of terrain for soldiers to traverse. DICE has specially crafted this area to have a high level of destructible objects and buildings when compared to the other areas on the map. They also consider this a place where Chinese tanks can easily become ambushed and prevented from advancing towards the center point in the map. As for the Wood Yard, this is one area that hasn’t changed much when compared to the original map. At this point, a powerful vehicle will spawn. One that can help US forces pin the Chinese to their bases if all of the other points have been captured.

The Island Flags have had several changes made to them. The first change comes to the overall size of the island, which of course has been increased in size both in width and height. The Island will feature areas that will be infantry-friendly with plenty of places to hide and ambush opponents like the Hilltop Pavillion and the Temple. The Market area has been deemed a reverse version of the Wood Yard area on the map. Like the Wood Yard, this area will also feature a powerful vehicle, presumably one that can be easily accessed by the Chinese to keep the US forces pinned to their base. The Pagoda area on the map will follow a close design to the original map with one of the only changes being that the pagoda itself is much larger in size and will allow players to cover the area much easier.

Last but not least, The River Village area will no longer have a gas station on it, the area will instead show the early stages of the area's militarization by the Chinese forces. In addition to this, a few of the original water crossings such as bridges, waterways, and the pipeline that was featured on the map, have been removed so players can focus all armored vehicle access on the two bridges and the single water crossing towards the East side of the map. Also, if you destroy the small bridge on the West side of the map, water traffic in that area will become limited, making this area one of the first places you want to control when you spawn on the map.

The final change DICE made was to the pipeline that was featured on the map. The entire line has been transformed into a subterranean system not only to improve the draw distance on the map but to give repurpose the system due to it being practically useless for it's the main purpose of flanking the enemy team in Battlefield 2. In Battlefield 4 that would be impossible according to DICE. With Dragon Valley 2015 coming to Battlefield 4 soon, which changes to the map are you most excited for?

Dragon Valley 2015 Changes