November's batch of free downloadable content for Monster Hunter Generations has arrived. Whereas previous months had focused primarily on DLC themed around other games--and there is a bit of that--this month's spotlight is squarely on anime and manga.

This includes a Yu-Gi-Oh collaboration that adds the quest A Beautiful Wyvern. Completing this unlocks the F Dark Meowgic set for palicoes. You can see this, along with this month's other additions, in the video above and image gallery below.

Aside from the Yu-Gi-Oh set, there are also two weapons based on Magi--Amol Saiqa and Aladdin's Wand--and even more from Baki the Grappler. There are three weapons, three different pieces of armor, and a full Champion's set of armor to choose from after completing the quest tied to Baki.

As for non-anime additions, the DLC includes a quest to unlock a Dante set for palicoes based on Devil May Cry. There are also a ton of other new quests and the usual assortment of special palicoes, extras, and so on. All of this is available for free now to Generations players on 3DS. You can read more about it on Capcom's blog.

In addition to these free monthly DLC packs, there may also be much more substantial content on the way. Capcom recently announced an expanded version of the game for Japan. Generations saves can be transferred to it, but it is a standalone game. As of yet, the company hasn't announced it for international markets.

Source: GameSpot