Calling all aspiring game developers. Xbox One needs you!

One of Microsoft's major developments of the past few months, ID@Xbox, has finally started to sign on aspiring, talented game developers across the globe to help produce new and revolutionary games for the new console which was released mid November. For those who are unaware of the development, ID@Xbox is a program which enables quality game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on the Xbox One.

ID@Xbox has been a major talking point within the new features Microsoft had released earlier this year, as some enthusiasts had speculated that it was simply too complex to work and that it would ruin the gaming industry. This however did not prevent the ever-determined Microsoft to carry on with the project which has finally paid off.

Last month, Microsoft shipped out just over 50 dev-kits to game developers across the globe, spanning from Japan to the UK, this however 'is just the beginning' according to Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox. Finally today, the 4th December, Microsoft have released the few developers which welcomed the dev-kit with open arms.

"Inis and Comcept are two developers from Japan we're excited to have working for Xbox One, while half a world away Vlambeer, Double Eleven, Slightly Mad Studios and Born Ready are among the developers bringing self-published games to Xbox One" - Chris Charla

Not only are Microsoft recruiting lesser known developers, Charla also mentioned that Crytek are among the larger developers to have participated in establishing ID@Xbox. Crytek are most commonly known for developing the newly-released game "Ryse: Son Of Rome" for Microsoft Studios, however they feel it's time to start pursuing the Microsoft program.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you an aspiring game developer? Xbox One wants you! this is seriously a life changing opportunity for most of you aspiring developers and offers you the chance to work alongside some of the most popular developers around the world, for more information on ID@Xbox click here, If you want to apply to join ID@Xbox, here's your chance.