Destiny's Red Bull Promotional Codes Exploited

The creators of Destiny came together with Red Bull to announce promotional cans of Red Bull with codes to unlock and XP boost and an exclusive...
  1. Visio

    Activision released the news recently that they will be teaming up with Red Bull. Specially marked cans of the drink will include a code redeemable here for a 50% XP boost for 30 minutes and access to an exclusive quest in the upcoming Destiny DLC, "The Taken King". However, if you have recently purchased a can of Red Bull looking for a 50% XP boost and exclusive DLC content you might run into a problem.

    It was discovered recently that these codes are easy to guess and masses of codes have already been generated and used, leaving many gamers that actually purchased the cans out in the cold. There are already many reports on Reddit of codes being used on purchase and there are sure to be many more to show up in the coming days. Activision/Bungie/Red Bull have yet to make a statement and I will update accordingly.

    The new exclusive quest will become available to the people that have redeemed a code on September 15th and will remain exclusive until December 31st of this year.

    Let everyone know in the comment section if you have bought a can and gotten a non-working code or if this article has changed your mind on buying a can.

    Sources: PlanetDestiny, GameSpot, GamesRadar

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  1. Zero
    I actually went to the store just to copy a code like I used to do with other promos and it didn't work when I got home so yeah
  2. Master
    I don't care how much codes you give me! I am not going back to play that game!
  3. Mairi
    Was just on the Bungie forums and there going to have to shut it down until further notice so i guess thats something.
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    1. Jet1337
      That's funny because I just redeemed another code just now.
    2. Mairi
      That is weird :S, not sure then
  4. Mairi
    We havent even got the cans where i live yet. Yet it seems like no point in buying one f half of the codes are already used.
    1. Visio
      There is a thread somewhere on the site where people are giving away the method to generate them yourself.
    2. Master
      There is also a thread on here that are giving codes away.
  5. 3xTiNcT
    I'm glad but also not glad that this happened. I still bought a can cause I like Red Bull and because I like the can.
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    1. Master
      Damn those attractive looking cans!
  6. Fogel
    That's kind of funny. This is why o never actually buy them for the codes. I just obtain. Them free on here for any gaming promo.
  7. s7yleex
    this article has changed my mind about buying a can i tell you that sir!
      Visio likes this.
    1. s7yleex
      as i was the one who posted the glitch here xD!!!
    2. Visio
      Ah you did? I didn't see it on the forums I just saw it on planetdestiny
    3. s7yleex
      in all fairness the code they used was poor xD
  8. Jet1337
    Yeah, this promotion went up in flames since the exploit. I think it's karma biting Bungie in the ***. If anyone needs a code, PM me and I'll send you one.
  9. KSI Nightmere
    Anyone wanna share a used code so we can guess the other ones? :tongue:
    1. xXiTzZiMXx
      I burned my notebook on a deep chamber. I have to go on a quest to the refuel station then.
  10. xXiTzZiMXx
    I prefer Mountain Dew. I picked up a bunch of codes from my local gas station hehehe.
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