Patch notes for the latest Destiny update came and went yesterday with no word on this year's Halloween event, Festival of the Lost. We do know it's coming, but before Bungie could make any official announcement, many of the event's new items have leaked.

These include a new sparrow, shaders, emotes, consumables, and masks, all of which were discovered by Destiny resource site Ishtar Collective (via Reddit). We don't yet have in-game photos of any of the items, but we do have names and thumbnail images to give us some idea of what to expect.


The emotes are called Howl and Terrify, while the new sparrow is a bright green color. Masks include those featuring the likenesses of SIVA, Ghost, raid boss Aksis, and Lost Prince (which looks to be Uldren Sov being angry about something).

Items from last year, including masks and consumables, have also been updated, although the details of any changes remain unclear.

Players have speculated that Festival of the Lost will largely operate as it did last year. Along with the new items, Ishtar Collective also found quests that will ask players to do certain things--like get kills in Crucible or complete a Heroic Strike and a Court of Oryx run--while wearing a mask.

This week's 2.4.1 patch did already make one tweak to Festival of the Lost, adding a new collection where you can recover any masks you've previously obtained. Until now, any you wanted to save had to take up precious inventory or vault space. Additionally, the update made it so that Paper Glue from last year's event now shards into one silver dust.

With Halloween fast approaching, it seems safe to assume Festival of the Lost will be announced soon. Bungie may have avoided talking about it yesterday because it wanted the day to be focused on the Light level changes and the newly unlocked Heroic version of the Wrath of the Machine raid.

Bungie previously said that two of last year's seasonal events--Festival of the Lost and Sparrow Racing League--would return after the launch of Rise of Iron.

It again confirmed Festival of the Lost is coming, and likely soon, with a pair of tweets from its support Twitter account following the release of update 2.4.1. It noted that sparrow horns you owned when the patch was released will show up in the Vehicle Collection once Festival of the Lost begins. Furthermore, newly added weapon ornaments for Bad Juju--while visible in the game--won't be obtainable until Festival of the Lost returns.

Source: GameSpot