Destiny 2 is right around the corner, and so Destiny 1 is winding down: the game's final Iron Banner begins today, so jump on this week to win some last-minute loot.

The Iron Banner competition has been a staple of Destiny since soon after its launch. The event usually lasts about a week, and there's always a bunch of good gear that players can win.

In Iron Banner, as opposed to normal Destiny competitive multiplayer, players' Light level matters. Your level and the power of your gear is reflected in Iron Banner matches, so it's important to bring the most powerful weapons and armor you own into the competition.

The final Iron Banner focuses on the Control mode. To gain Iron Banner levels and get access to better loot, you need to both win matches and complete event-specific bounties. You can get these bounties from Lady Efrideet in the Iron Temple.

Destiny 1's other mainstay event, Trials of Osiris, comes back one last time on August 11. So if you want to get to the Lighthouse, this is your final shot. Of course, Destiny 1 isn't going offline anytime soon--it just won't be getting these limited-time events anymore.

Destiny 2, meanwhile, launches on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24 for PC. Console players were able to check the game out in July during its beta test, and PC players will get a beta in late August.

The game's console beta had some issues that caused concerns among fans, although at least a few of those have already been fixed. These include a lack of Heavy Weapon ammo and a particularly difficult section in the opening mission.

Source: GameSpot