Destiny 2's Black Armory Expansion Is Live

The Black Armory, Destiny 2's first expansion of the post-Forsaken era, goes live today, along with a new update to the game that patches in a few...
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    The Black Armory, Destiny 2's first expansion of the post-Forsaken era, goes live today, along with a new update to the game that patches in a few minor changes. Bungie outlined what the expansion entails last month--instead of focusing on a new story campaign, it's focusing on new locations and activities. That means a heap of new loot to get as players reignite three special Forges across the solar system, and a full new Raid on its way on December 7.

    The big notable additions in The Black Armory, the Forges, sport a new horde mode-style activity that will include matchmaking and special rewards. The expansion brings five new Exotics, four of which Bungie has detailed so far, and new Pinnacle Weapons for players willing to put a lot of time and skill into Gambit, Strikes, and the Crucible. The Black Armory also increases the Power Level cap to 650, giving players a reason to jump back into the endgame grind--and with the Scourge of the Past Raid on its way on Friday, many players will want to be climbing that hill as quickly as they can.

    The launch of The Black Armory accompanies Patch, which includes a host of small tweaks and balancing changes, as Bungie explained on its blog. It notably reduces Gambit's Heavy ammo boxes for Linear Fusion Rifles from five rounds to three, which should reduce the effectiveness of the many, many folks using The Queenbreaker in those matches.

    Players below Power Level 550 will get some help catching up to endgame players with the new patch, as Destiny 2 will now drop Prime Engrams and their Powerful gear more frequently for players rushing to catch up. And Raiders in Scourge of the Past and Last Wish will now have the option of deleting their checkpoints in those activities if they want to restart them.

    There are also a host of changes and issue fixes throughout Update Check out the full patch notes below.



    • Chaos Reach
      • Tuned Chaos Reach’s deactivation cost so that it consistently retains Super energy from deactivating early.
        • Previously, Chaos Reach allowed Players to save Super energy when deactivating the Super early by charging a flat Super energy cost upon deactivation (~65%). This meant that in order to save Super energy, you’d have to deactivate within the first second or so of the Super’s duration.
        • With this change, Chaos Reach’s deactivation will now always save you some Super energy. Deactivating the Super is no longer a flat energy cost but, rather, now works on a curve. The intention is to reward players for skillfully timing their deactivation.
    • Fixed an issue where the overshield granted upon respawning in Crucible would not negate damage right away
    • Increased damage required to destroy Nightstalker Tethers prior to their activation
    • Fixed an issue where the Biotic Enhancements buff would apply too much of a damage multiplier when standing in a Well of Radiance


    • Fixed an issue where Scavenger perks could be used to generate heavy ammo off of team mates who fell to self-inflicted misadventure
    • Fixed an issue where high impact scout rifles were not firing at 150 RPM
    • Fixed an issue where the impact stat bar for Fusion Rifles was not updating when upgrading a charge time masterwork for the weapon
    • Gwisin Vest
      • Fixed an issue where kills were not required to extend Super uptime
      • Fixed an issue where Super was not extended after 10 or more kills
    • Chromatic Fire
      • Fixed an issue where explosions were doing less damage than intended
    • Reduced the amount of ammo gained from the Machine Gun Scavenger perk to bring it in line with other Power weapon scavenger perks
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Black Armory weapons to sometimes roll two of the same perk
    • Duplicate perks have been replaced in each weapon's talent grid


    • Fixed an issue that caused The Mountaintop to drop above appropriate power levels for players who do not own Forsaken, making it unequipped unless pulled from collections
    • Fixed an issue that caused Valor Ranks to display different values from what their rank actually was
      • This is strictly a visual fix, ranks have worked properly since Season of the Forge began


    • Fixed an issue where the wrong team would sometimes be credited for killing the Ascendant Servitor Primeval
    • Reduced the amount of ammo that Linear Fusion Rifles receive from the Power Ammo crate in Gambit to from 5 to 3 rounds
      • Sleeper Simulant still only receives 2 rounds
    • Players who die with fewer than 2 rounds of special ammo will now always respawn with 2 rounds, to help alleviate special ammo starvation
    • Fixed an issue where players would be held in a loading screen if another player was inspecting items in inventory


    • Fixed an issue where Protheon, the Modular Mind grew three times larger than intended in Update 2.1.0
      • This strike has been reintroduced to Matchmaking, and can be launched once again from the Director

    Leviathan & Raid Lairs

    • Removed "Normal Mode Completion" requirement for launching Prestige Modes for Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, and Spire of Stars

    Last Wish

    • Fixed an issue where Destiny 2 would crash during the Morgeth fight


    • Fixed an issue where the “Hawthorne’s Heroes” Clan Perk was not providing the proper rewards
    Items & Economy


    • The "Hecuba-S" exotic Sparrow no longer requires Annual Pass ownership to reacquire from Collections
    • The "Mimesis Drive" Sparrow now properly requires Annual Pass ownership to reacquire from Collections
    • Shader reacquisition time reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second


      • Prime Engrams will now appear more frequently for players under 550 power, and provide larger power benefits when decrypted
      • Fixed an issue where the "Harbinger's Echo" sparrow was locked out for players who destroyed dragon eggs across multiple characters.
        • We are currently developing a fix for an upcoming patch to address players who have already destroyed all eggs prior to this update. Update 2.1.3 is tentatively planned for December 18. 2018
        Seed of Light added to the drop table of the Blind Well Heroic
    • The "Lest Ye Be Judged" Trophy/Achievement can be completed by visiting Xur
    • Fixed an issue where the “Riddle Me This” Triumph was not unlocking properly
    • Fixed an issue where Amanda Holliday had an improper notification waypoint
    • Fixed an issue where Festival of the Lost armor could not be masterworked
    • Fixed an issue where items could not be masterworked if players did not have Enhancement Cores in inventory, even if the masterwork cost did not require cores
    • Fixed an issue where Amanda Holliday’s inventory did not refresh at the proper times


    • When selecting a Last Wish or Scourge of the Past on the Director, players can now delete their current checkpoint before launching the activity
    • Fixed an issue where the Vanguard node on the top-level Director was not displaying active challenges

    Source: GameSpot

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