As promised, a new Destiny 2 update has been released following the latest batch of server maintenance. Bungie has also shared the full patch notes for update, detailing everything that's been changed or added to the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Most notably, the previously announced Masterworks weapons are now available for players to acquire.

Masterworks are essentially a variant of Legendary weapons with some new attributes. These generate Orbs after a multi-kill, track your kills, and have new stats that can be re-rolled, thereby providing players with reasons to not necessarily be content with the first one they get their hands on. Previously, duplicate weapons were largely useless, as there was nothing to distinguish one from another.

Other significant additions in terms of content include changes to Xur's inventory. Besides having one piece of Exotic armor for each class and an Exotic weapon, he'll now sell an updated version of the Three of Coins consumable item. This works much more simply than the Destiny 1 version and provides a limited-time boost to the chance of Exotics dropping for you. He'll also sell Fated Engrams, which provide players with an Exotic that they don't already own.

In terms of Engram drops, you'll now find Legendary and Exotics are handed out less frequently from Public Events. However, you'll get your hands on them more often in Strikes and Crucible. Meanwhile, Legendary Engrams will provide multiple Legendary items less than before. And you now have the option to directly purchase Legendary gear from Faction vendors using Legendary shards and Faction Tokens.

Zavala, Shaxx, and Tess Everis all now sell a new type of Fireteam gift consumable item. This provides rewards to other players after completing an activity, depending on which version you buy. Zavala's gives your Fireteam rewards after completing a Strike, while Shaxx's gives everyone in the game a reward at the end of a Crucible match. Tess's works similarly, covering both Strike and Crucible activities.

The bugged Exotic, Prometheus Lens, has now been fixed; it had been wreaking havoc in Crucible since Curse of Osiris's release last week. Bungie didn't specify what changes it made, only saying it had been "outputting too much damage too quickly." It's unclear if the patch will also impact the gun in PvE.

Other fixes of note include a bug that prevented HDR support from working on PS4 and PS4 Pro, and the Faction Rally Token exploit has been resolved. Players should also now always receive rewards when opening a chest, but they will be reduced when doing so quickly (rather than receiving nothing at all). Perhaps more significantly, it addresses recent criticism of locking content to non-DLC owners. As Bungie described earlier this week, the Prestige Leviathan Raid's Power level requirement has returned to 300, allowing everyone to access it. (Rewards have changed accordingly; they're no longer guaranteed 330 Power level items.) Additionally, Trials of the Nine will be open to all players, so long as the map during that particular instance is not from the DLC.

Update is now available on all platforms, but it won't be joined by a new event as expected. The first Faction Rally event of Season 2 has been delayed, with no new date set as of yet. You can see the full patch notes below.

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes


Leviathan Raid
  • Brought the Prestige "Leviathan" raid back down to 300 Power, making it accessible to all players, regardless of Curse of Osiris ownership
  • Adjusted Prestige difficulty rewards no longer grant guaranteed 330 Power items
  • Adjusted the difficulty for the normal Calus encounter
Trials of the Nine
  • Players who do not own Curse of Osiris may now access Trials of the Nine when a Destiny 2 launch map is featured
Trophies and Achievements
  • Modified the achievement "The Prestige" and the associated trophy to remove the Nightfall component
    • This may now be completed, regardless of Curse of Osiris ownership, by completing the "Leviathan" raid on Prestige difficulty

  • Fixed an issue impacting Power level progression from level 289 to 300 for players who do not own Curse of Osiris
  • Fixed an issue that would prompt a Curse of Osiris purchase menu when players were attempting to acquire the Scout Report: Mercury item with insufficient Glimmer
  • Fixed an issue where the word "Nightfall" was not prepended to new Curse of Osiris strikes in the Nightfall Director node
  • Adjusted the functionality of Chest Reward Throttles
    • Players now receive reduced amounts of loot when opening large numbers of chests in quick succession, rather than nothing at all
  • Cayde's Stash chests now grant rewards via the loot stream to prevent items from disappearing into the ground
  • Fixed an issue where cannons on Mercury were not functioning properly for PC players when they were playing at over 60 fps
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the functionality of HDR settings for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Fixed an issue where players with over 84 emblems were unable to see all emblems they owned within the collection screen
User Interface
  • On player inspection, currency display is no longer visible
  • Vendor waypoints are only highlighted when players have enough tokens to earn a reward
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not interact with items when they had full inventory
Faction Rallies
  • Players can no longer loot the same chest multiple times in quick succession for Faction Rally tokens
  • Fixed an issue where Faction Rally tokens were not being removed at the conclusion of the event for some players
  • Faction Rally emblems now display the correct pledge tracker stat
  • Fixed an issue where Faction Rally tokens were being removed from players' inventories when the players were creating a new character
  • Fixed an issue where some players would not receive a Faction Rally winner discount
  • Legendary weapons can now drop as Masterworks for characters above Power level 250
  • Masterworks provide bonus weapon stats and generate Orbs on multikills
  • Legendary and Exotic Engram drop rates have been adjusted down for Public Events, and up for Strike and Crucible playlist activities
  • Reduced the chance of a Legendary engram rewarding multiple Legendary items
  • Xûr now sells a three of coins consumable item that increases the drop chance of Exotics
  • Xûr now sells the Fated Engram
  • Fixed an issue where Vesper of Radius, the Helm of Saint-14, Graviton Forfeit, and Gemini Jester were dropping with incorrect class mods
  • Fixed an issue where the Prometheus Lens Exotic Trace Rifle was outputting too much damage too quickly
  • Fixed an issue where Exotic weapons from Curse of Osiris were mislabeled within Exotic engrams
Gift Consumables
  • Zavala now sells a Fireteam Gift consumable that provides rewards to the user's fireteam on strike completion
  • Shaxx now sells a Fireteam Gift consumable that provides rewards to all players at the end of a Crucible activity
  • Tess Everis sells a Fireteam Gift consumable that provides rewards to all players on Strike or Crucible activity completion
Faction Vendors
  • Faction vendors now offer legendary gear for direct purchase with Legendary shards and faction tokens
  • Added invisible physics to keep players from hiding in the Red Bay Box on the Pacifica map
  • Adjusted Power Ammo locations on the Eternity map

Source: GameSpot