The latest update for Destiny 2 has arrived. Patch 2.0.3 is available now, coinciding with the debut of the new Iron Banner--the first since the release of Forsaken. Here's what's new in the update.

Although you won't find any major new features, there is one quality-of-life adjustment you'll really appreciate if you've reached the Dreaming City. Petra, who serves as the vendor and quest giver for the area, has relocated and is now found right near the Dreaming City's sole landing zone. That means you won't have to hoof it all the way to The Strand each day in order to get bounties from her before you can really get the action started. This is an annoyance in various locations, but Petra was certainly the worst of the bunch.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, Bungie notes that it's fixed the issue with the Offering to the Oracle--an item that was previously lost if your inventory was full when obtaining it. Now, if you're full up on consumables, it'll be sent to the Postmaster.

Daily clan bounties, which had been bugged and were repeating every day for a full week, should now be rotated daily. Activity reconnection has been added for the Competitive playlist in Crucible, allowing you to rejoin an ongoing match you're disconnected from. However, this feature has been at least temporarily removed from Gambit, so as to allow the missing slot to be filled in by a new player more quickly than was possible before.

Other changes of note: Hand cannon recoil on PC has been fixed, and the Dragonfly Regalia armour now correctly comes with a Masterwork slot. You can check out the full patch notes below. If you're diving into Iron Banner, check out our gallery of all the new Iron Banner gear.

Destiny 2 Update 2.0.3 Patch Notes


  • Dragonfly Regalia armor now comes with a Masterwork socket
  • Fixed an issue where Hand Cannons were not using the correct recoil stats for players on PC
  • Heavy Guard and Swordmaster's Guard now function correctly on Adaptive Swords

  • Io
    • Fixed an issue where players could be returned to orbit during the final battle of "The Long Play"
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not receive a Seed of Light after interacting with the tree at the end of the mission "Visions of Light"
  • Strikes
    • Fixed an issue where the post-game carnage report would not show at the end of strikes launched via strike-specific Director nodes

  • Temporarily removed the "Trace Rifle Mastery" Triumph for platforms where players could not complete all objectives
  • This Triumph will be changed in a future release to be available on all platforms
  • Changed the Persistent Blaze emblem variant to require 40 Mastery Triumphs

  • Activity reconnection has been enabled in the Competitive playlist
    • Players who are disconnected from Destiny 2 servers will have an opportunity to reconnect to their match under the following conditions:
  • The match is still active
  • A connection to the match can be reestablished
    • Players who rejoin matches will NOT be penalized for quitting a match should a rejoin complete successfully
  • The player state display now appears in Competitive versions of Control and Clash.

  • Activity reconnection has been disabled in the Gambit playlist to allow for faster backfilling of lopsided teams
Items & Economy

  • Fixed an issue where the Traveler's Chosen Sidearm could not be dismantled or transferred to the vault
  • Fixed an issue where BrayTech RWP Mk. II was granting weapon mods when dismantled
  • Fixed an issue where Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms were not being granted from strikes
  • Replaced the Traveler's Chosen Sidearm with a damaged version
  • Removed the Iris Pulsator Ghost Shell from Collections, as it is not currently available

Dreaming City
  • The bounty "Audience with the Queen" now takes time to abandon, so it cannot be abandoned accidentally
  • The Offering to the Oracle item now goes to the Postmaster if the player’s consumables inventory is full
  • Daily clan bounties should now rotate at the daily reset, rather than weekly

Source: GameSpot