As part of the latest maintenance period, which has now concluded, Bungie has released a new update for Destiny 2. We had already gotten a preview of what update 1.0.6 does, and we now have the full patch notes that outline what Bungie has changed on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In terms of newly revealed changes, this patch makes adjustments to Faction Rallies and how they dole out Faction Tokens. You'll get more in some ways, and less in others. Each completed Strike, for instance, now provides anywhere from five to nine Tokens; previously, they offered three to seven. The first Nightfall of the week (per character) provides 10 to 18 Tokens, while Heroic Public Events hand out five (down from eight).

The biggest change involves enemy resources, which could be found in Lost Sectors during Faction Rallies events. Destroying these previously would provide a Faction Token--but only for an individual player, which was problematic when playing in a group. This no longer yields any Tokens; instead, Fire team members will each get three for opening a Lost Sector chest.

Elsewhere in this update, the mercy rule in Crucible has been adjusted so that it can be activated with a "wider range of scores" and do so later in a match. Clash's score limit drops from 75 to 50, while Control's drops from 100 to 90; spawns in Control are also now less affected by zones that the enemy team holds. Survival rounds now last for only two minutes (down from three) and teams have six lives (down from eight). Supremacy's score limit increases from 50 to 70, killing an enemy now grants one point, and Bungie notes that it's "adjusted the influence enemy crests have on the spawning system."

The release of the 1.0.6 update coincides with the hotfix on PC. That platform gets the changes outlined above, but this hotfix also resolves the problem with clan rosters not displaying. It also addresses an issue where playing for long stretches of time would cause performance to drop until you restarted the game.

There's no word on when the next Faction Rallies event will happen; so far, only a single one has taken place, and that was prior to the PC version's release. Also on the way is the Dawning event and the Curse of Osiris DLC expansion, which increases Destiny 2's level cap and includes some PS4-exclusive content.

Destiny 2 Update 1.0.6 Patch Notes

  • Fixed an issue with collision detection on the Bureaucratic Walk Emote
  • Fixed an issue causing players to encounter empty public spaces too often in free roam
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be kicked to Orbit
Faction Rallies
  • Strikes now reward Faction Tokens at a range of 5 to 9 Faction Tokens per completion (up from 3 to 7)
    • Nightfall now rewards 10 to 18 Faction Tokens on first completion per character
  • Completing Heroic Public Events now rewards 5 Faction Tokens (down from 8)
  • Destroying enemy resources no longer rewards Faction Tokens
    • Opening Lost Sector chests now rewards 3 Faction Tokens for each fireteam member
  • Updated Mercy Rule settings to allow Mercy to activate slightly later in the match, allowing a wider range of scores to trigger it
  • Reduced score limit to 50 (was 75)
  • Reduced score limit to 90 (was 100)
  • Reduced influence that enemy-controlled zones exert over the spawning system
  • Reduced round time limit to 2 mins (down from 3)
  • Reduced life count to 6 (down from 8)
  • Increased score-to-win to 70 (up from 50)
  • We now grant one point for defeating an enemy Guardian
  • Adjusted the influence enemy crests have on the spawning system

  • Improved performance across the app and particularly on the Gear and Progress sections
  • Improved screen state preservation after rotation
  • Added the ability to look up Clans by name (exact matches only)
  • Added suggested Clans to the 'Browse Clans' screen
  • Added suggested Clans to the 'Browse Clans' screen
Destiny 2 Update (PC Hotfix) Patch Notes
  • Fixed an issue where Clan rosters were not showing properly
  • Fixed an issue causing gradual performance degradation over time

Source: GameSpot