It's a big day for Destiny 2, with the first Faction Rally of Season 2 kicking off. Before that happens, though, a new hotfix is set to arrive, the launch of which coincides with maintenance. Servers for the game are offline as Bungie prepares to launch the new update. Here are the details on how long it will take and when the game will come back online.

As announced last week, this maintenance period will follow the standard pattern for Destiny 2. The process began at 8 AM PT meaning no one can now sign into the game. At 9 AM PT, everyone who was already online will be booted offline. Maintenance is expected to run until 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 8 PM GMT (7 AM AET on Wednesday, January 17), by which time you should be able to download and install the new hotfix. Specific timing could always change, but we'll update this story with any word from Bungie.

Patch notes for the hotfix have not been shared, but it deals primarily with unlocking seasonal content for all owners of the game. Previously, Bungie intended to lock things like Faction Rallies to those who owned the latest DLC, but anger from fans caused the developer to reverse that decision. The Faction Rally planned for December was canceled and will now launch today with new gear.

Bungie recently made some major announcements for Destiny 2. In addition to the return of Faction Rally and Iron Banner (the next instance of which begins on January 30), it outlined a wide variety of changes and improvements coming to the game. That includes the release of Masterwork armor and an overhauled mod system, a revamp to how Eververse and Bright Engrams are handled, and qualify-of-life changes. The studio also made it clear what content is free versus paid going forward.

Source: GameSpot