It's a big day for Destiny 2, as Bungie is releasing a significant update alongside the launch of two events: Iron Banner and Festival of the Lost. In terms of the update, it introduces a variety of welcome changes and fixes, and it's good news for scout rifle users, Iron Banner fans, and players who are sick of Edge Transit. Here's what's new.

As detailed in the full patch notes on Bungie's website, update 2.0.4 is a substantial one, even if it doesn't introduce much in the way of new features. Scout rifles, which have been suffering from low damage since around the time of Forsaken's launch, have been given a damage boost against non-player enemies. That should hopefully make them more viable than they have been in recent weeks.

With Iron Banner kicking off, you'll notice some important changes. Each Iron Banner bounty that's offered will reward you with Powerful gear, rather than just two, as was the case in September. And completing those bounties should be easier--the specific requirements for each have been lowered, in some cases significantly. For instance, Shine On only tasks you with creating 50 Orbs of Light, rather than 100.

Speaking of Powerful gear, a bug where Powerful rewards didn't drop at a sufficiently high Power level should be fixed. Bungie has also increased the Power of lower level Powerful rewards, which it says "slightly increases the average Power upgrade per powerful drop."

The Collection has been expanded and now allows you to track and retrieve more item types. The most notable are transmat effects. Any that you've gotten your hands on, used, or dismantled since Forsaken launched on September 4 will already be available in the Collection for you. Just be aware of how these are added to your Collection: simply obtaining a ship with a new transmat effect won't do the trick. You'll need to actually get the transmat effect in your inventory for it to unlock. Additionally, the Collection is now home to Ghosts tied to events, Forsaken emblem variants, and a variety of other emblems that were previously missing.

There are few guns more notorious than Edge Transit in Forsaken. It's an extremely common Heavy weapon drop, much to the annoyance of players who have gotten dozens of them. It should now drop less often, as the so-called "world Legendary pool" has added several new items: Through Fire and Flood, Zenobia D, and Crooked Fang-4fr.

One weapon that does draw more ire than Edge Transit is Sleeper Simulant. The previously announced nerf to the gun in Gambit will be coming in the patch launching on October 30. In the meantime, linear fusion rifles have been given an aim assist buff--with the exception of Sleeper. That might result in a more varied assortment of linear fusion rifles being used.

The patch is now available in Destiny 2 and will be followed by the weekly reset and the kick-off of Iron Banner and Festival of the Lost. Iron Banner runs until October 23, while the Halloween-themed event goes until November 6.

Source: GameSpot