With Crimson Days now wrapped up, the next event is already live in Destiny 2. Bungie has kicked off the second Faction Rally of Season 2, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive, faction-only gear--including some new weapons.

New rewards have been added to the special Engrams you receive for cashing in Faction Tokens. This includes the weapons that would have been sold as the Winner's Offering had Dead Orbit or Future War Cult won the previous Faction Rally event. Those weapons are now available for the first time and can be obtained like any other Faction reward.

In their place, there's also a new batch of Winner's Offerings for this Faction Rally. Each faction has one weapon that it will sell during Victory Week if it comes out on top during the Faction Rally. Dead Orbit and New Monarchy will each offer up their own pulse rifle, while Future War Cult will have a scout rifle. The winning faction will sell its gun for 50,000 Glimmer to all players, while members of the group will be able to buy it for only 1,000. The two losers won't offer their gun at all until it's added to the Engram lineup during a subsequent event. You can see these along with some of the other Faction Rally rewards below.

New rewards aside, this Faction Rally will operate like any previous one. You pledge your allegiance to one of the three factions, and by playing the game normally, you'll earn Faction Tokens. These can then be cashed in for the aforementioned Engrams, with the faction that earns the most Engrams being declared the winner. What is notable about this Faction Rally is that it's the first since the most recent patch, which paved the way for farming Lost Sectors. Doing so, however, will require you to kill the boss located inside each time.

The Faction Rally event runs from now until the weekly reset on February 27. That will then see the start of Victory Week, during which time you can cash in any of your remaining Tokens and purchase the Winner's Offering. Alternatively, you can save those Tokens for the next Faction Rally event, when even more new weapons will be up for grabs.

Source: GameSpot