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Destiny 2 Launching in 2017 With a New Expansion Coming This Year

Destiny is still a fairly popular game among the gaming community, but it's no secret that the fan base is slowly dwindling. That may soon be...
  1. Crooks

    I am sure that most of you folks here are quite familiar with Destiny, but for those of you who aren't, then you may want to listen up. Destiny is a popular FPS-MMORPG hybrid that was released back in September of 2014. It has since gathered a huge following because of how addicting and challenging the game presents itself to be. Players want to have the best equipment and weapons possible, but the only way to do that is to invest a ton of time into the game, so you can see why the game has gotten this far.

    Although Destiny has received a handful of content updates, the games still inevitably seems to feel worn out, I mean after all the gameplay does get repetitive. With that said, Activision announced today that Destiny would be receiving another "large" content update later this year, which will be followed up by a full fledged sequel which has been slated to come out sometime in 2017.

    Details about both of these big announcements are scarce, in fact, we don't know anything about either of them, except that the expansion due later this year is large. One could only assume that means that the expansion will be more like the Taken King expansion, and less like its counterparts. More information is expected to be released as time ticks on by. What do you think? Are you excited for this new Destiny content? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. Aeora
    destiny is bunz
      Vino likes this.
  2. josh11770
    well i hope the sequel is limited to current gen destiny 1 was limited in what they could acomplish as per the limited memory on the 360, even so far as needing to remove the compare equipped vs banked items to add more bank space that is ridiculous.
  3. Johny_Barbarian_
    Any 1 who as done 7 matches of crimson doubles Is Guaranteed A 320 ghost on the 16th of February, light levels will increase and new pve in spring. Late spring a large expansion and then destiny 2 next year, all confirmed by Bungie.
    1. PaNdAmOnIuM193
      Do you need to have the quest from Lord Shaxx or can you just play 7 games and still be eligible. I kinda declined the quest and its not in the quest recovery placed
    2. Johny_Barbarian_
      You should still be eligible for it, it just states 7 game in what information that I have gathered.
  4. n0rdicz
    Wow thx God I quit destiny because of the Bobo king maybe I'll try destiny 2
  5. AlienFreek01
    Uhgg I wish they would put all effort to destiny 2
      Nequisha likes this.
  6. Keeley Hazell
    I have very mixed opinions about Destiny. I feel like it has the potential to be a great game but Bungie only cares about $$(The first 2 DLCs were already in the game-_-). Plus let's be real, they ripped off Borderlands hardcore.
  7. Red58
    On a side note, Activision is currently writing a book titled US Law: Legally Robbing your Fanbase. I'm positive that the story will be mediocre and you can expect a $40 addition later on. Enjoy.
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  8. Beardyman
    I'm looking forward to it. :smile:
  9. Johny_Barbarian_
    I hope they revamp the old raids and Poe also.
  10. Master
    I am not too excited about Destiny 2. I have spent enough money for those money grabbing thieves.
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