Another PC-only update for Destiny 2 has arrived. Ahead of the debut of Faction Rallies on the platform, Bungie has released the hotfix, which is intended to resolve a technical issue that cropped up with last week's patch.

The patch notes for update are more accurately described as the patch note--there's only a single thing addressed here. According to Bungie, this hotfix should address the "periodic hitches" that would occur while playing for some people following the installation of update That patch fixed a problem with clan rosters not showing up and performance issues that would crop up after playing the game for an extended period of time.

A more substantial update, 1.0.6, was released for all platforms last week. In addition to an emote bug fix, it made changes to the mercy rule in Crucible and score limits in a variety of modes. Additionally, it tweaked Faction Rallies and how its rewards are handed out.

Source: GameSpot