A week before Forsaken's release, Bungie rolled out Destiny 2's huge 2.0 update, which overhauled numerous areas of the game. Now, coinciding with the launch of the Forsaken DLC, it's released another update, version Despite the number suggesting it's a minor one, it's more than 7 GB in size, and the patch notes are quite lengthy. Here's what's new.

Many of the changes here are expected ones that implement things tied to Forsaken. The level cap is now 50 for Forsaken owners, and Year 2 weapons come with random perks--an aspect of the original Destiny that Bungie abandoned in Destiny 2 until now. That's a major change, as it gives players a reason to hang on to duplicates of the same items. The mod system has also been overhauled, depreciating all existing mods and introducing new ones.

A new Vanguard Strike playlist is now available that will have a different Power level recommendation based on your current Power, and Nightfalls again have scoring. On the Crucible side, Iron Banner will feature Power level advantages once it comes back on September 18, while Trials of the Nine has been shelved for the time being. When playing Rumble, placing in the top 3 will register as a win, and various tweaks have been made to Competitive (such as the removal of losing streaks from Glory rank).

Some balance changes have been made to certain abilities (Hunter's Golden Gun now deals more damage to base and elite enemies) and Exotics (Riskrunner's magazine size has been increased). Masterworks and shaders are now handled differently. Rewards and challenges have been changed significantly, and there are new bounties and challenges to take on each day or week. Various quality-of-life changes have been implemented, such as being able to dismantle shaders in bulk by talking to Rahool.

Source: GameSpot