Those who have yet to pick up Destiny 2 will be able to try the game on any platform starting this week. A demo is on the way in the form of a "free trial" that provides a taste of both the PvE and PvP components of the game, Activision has announced.

The trial launches on November 28 and will be available on all platforms. That includes both console versions released in September, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PC version that launched late last month and introduced some welcome improvements, particularly in terms of visuals and performance.

On the campaign side, you'll be able to play all story content for the first two planets: Earth's European Dead Zone and Saturn's moon, Titan. You'll also be able to visit Destiny 2's new social space, The Farm. This includes campaign missions and Adventures located in both locations. The demo also grants Crucible access, but only to the Quickplay playlist. Demo players can join a Clan, earn Clan XP, and join up with other players for cooperative action. They will, however, be limited to reaching level 7, so they won't be doing any Raiding or touching the Nightfall.

As is typically the case with demos these days, any progress you make will carry over, should you decide to pick up the full game. Destiny 2 is on sale at the time of this writing, but with many of those sales coming to an end, there may not be enough time to check out the demo and decide whether it's worth a purchase. You can also check out our Destiny 2 review.

Just before this free trial's launch, Bungie has faced some scrutiny following the discovery of a system that limited how much XP players earned in certain cases. This has now been disabled, but the amount of XP needed to level up at level 20 has been doubled, much to some players' chagrin. Meanwhile, more details on Destiny's 2 new Curse of Osiris expansion will be shared this week ahead of its launch next week. That will coincide with the release of an update adding PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements to Destiny 2.

Source: GameSpot