While the big news out of today's Destiny 2 stream concerns the Raid Lairs feature Curse of Osiris introduces, Bungie did share some other details. Namely, we learned more about the new planet of Mercury, got a look at the revamped Lighthouse, and saw some of the new gear that players can obtain.

In the images below, you can see an armor set that Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans will each be able to get their hands on, along with some other screenshots of Mercury, the Director, and concept art. There's also a look at a hand cannon players can obtain through a post-Curse of Osiris campaign quest. Once you're done with the main story, you'll be able to view your progress on these weapon-specific quests through a tracker on a wall in the Lighthouse. Through these missions, you'll acquire the components necessary to forge the new weapons.

Bungie also revealed that the Heroic Strikes playlist will make a return. Exactly how these will work remains to be seen, but this may give players a new reason to return to Strikes beyond unlocking access to the Nightfall. Additionally, while it wasn't mentioned, we noticed that the Eververse logo was listed as an icon alongside other Milestones in the Director. We don't yet know what kind of task this will be tied to.

In terms of the core story, we got a look at a new cinematic from Curse of Osiris (above). It shows the titular Osiris and his ghost navigating the Infinite Forest, a construct of the Vex that allows them to simulate realities. He's there seeking the same mysterious thing as the Vex, but they are eventually attacked and he sends his Ghost out while staying behind. His Ghost, however, is damaged, and the story will presumably involve discovering it and assisting Osiris. The story is set several months after the end of Destiny 2's campaign, following the end of the Red War.

As noted above, players will be able to return to a revamped version of the Lighthouse. Brother Vance can be found here as a vendor along the lines of Devrim Kay in the EDZ and Failsafe on Nessus. He'll offer a new type of area-specific reward called Lighthouse Engrams.

Source: GameSpot