Maintenance for Destiny 2 has concluded, with the servers staying down for longer than expected. Coinciding with them coming back online, Bungie has released a new update and shared the patch notes that detail everything it does.

Most notable in update 1.0.3 is the introduction of Faction Rallies. As detailed recently, these limited-time events allow you to pledge your loyalty to one of the three factions and then earn reputation tokens for performing certain tasks. These can be turned in for faction-themed rewards, with an exclusive weapon also up for grabs at the end of the event.

The patch otherwise largely deals with bug fixes, though there are also some changes to things that aren't bugs. The Call to Arms Milestone, which tasks you with playing Crucible matches every week, will now require less progress to complete. This is intended to "align it with other weekly Milestones." Additionally, the location of Power ammo has been adjusted for both Clash and Supremacy.

In terms of bug fixes, players should now properly receive their weekly clan Engrams, although you'll still lose out on them during weeks where you leave a clan. Clan XP should also now be always handed out properly for participating in Public Events. And in Crucible, new measures have been taken to prevent players from leaving the map; that precise problem forced the most recent Trials of the Nine's map and mode to be changed.

Full patch notes for the update follow below. Faction Rallies go live on September 26 following Destiny 2's weekly reset.

Destiny 2 Update 1.0.3 Patch Notes

Faction Rallies

  • Pledge to a faction Vendor
    • Pledging places a buff on the player character for the duration of the event associating the character with the faction
  • Earn faction Reputation tokens
    • By Destroying Enemy resources in Lost Sectors, completing public events, completing strikes, completing Crucible matches, and the Leviathan raid
  • Turn tokens in for reward packages
    • Earn faction themed rewards from your faction
  • Help your faction win
    • The faction with the most rank ups across the game will sell a new weapon at a discount for faction members

  • Fixed an issue in which Hunters with a specific amount of health would see their health bar on the HUD at all times

  • Fixed issue in the raid that granted resurrection tokens unintentionally to players joining encounters in progress
  • Fixed an issue in which killing the first Minotaur too quickly in the Unbreakable Adventure would result in progression being blocked

  • Fixed an issue where clan XP was not being granted for completing public events
  • Fixed an issue preventing some player from receiving weekly clan engrams
    • Players who leave a clan will still not be eligible for clan rewards that week

  • Fixed an issue in which Bright engrams would show 'Requires Level 20' if a player hadn't accepted all Leveling Rewards from Tess after reaching level 20
  • Fixed an issue in which the action button on weapon ornaments displayed Discard instead of Unlock


Call to Arms

  • Reduced the amount needed to complete the milestone to align it with other weekly milestones

  • Adjusted Clash & Supremacy power ammo locations
  • Added invisible physics volumes to keep players from leaving the intended playable space

  • Added a soft-kill volume to keep players from hiding on the edge of the map
  • Dead players' Ghosts will no longer appear in the "Fork" location

  • Fixed an issue in which players in the Tower could sometimes fail to load gear
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of Destiny 2


  • Fixed an issue in which the gear search button was covering item actions
  • Fixed an issue in which Ghosts were not showing in character gear
  • Added a filter and member count in the clan roster

  • Fixed an issue in the way gear power was sorted when including items that don't have power

  • When you close an explore item in trending, the page no longer refreshes
  • Paging update in search

Source: GameSpot