Greetings, Ark Hunters! Today we celebrate the launch of the Trouble in Paradise update for Defiance 2050! This massive update will unleash Hulker Hell on Paradise.

Hulker Hell is a Halloween celebration of tricks and treats that brings a special delivery of frights to Paradise until November 5. Dive into the fray and take down these powerful enemies to unlock increasingly epic rewards. Teamwork makes the dream work for the revamped ark falls with rewards directly tied to the efficiency with which you mow through the hellish hordes.

On top of that, we’re also introducing a powerful new enemy faction to Defiance 2050, the Grid. These cybernetic EGO constructs possess devastating energy weaponry and a bad attitude.

With Trouble in Paradise, you’ll be able to play through all-new story missions to learn more about the Grid. We have an exclusive first look at the devastatingly vicious new addition to the Grid’s forces: Harvesters.

Trouble in Paradise also brings a brand-new weapon skin system that allows you to customize your weapons with spectacular new styles to suit the Halloween season. Pick up weapon skins by taking part in the Hulker Hell event or by picking them up in the store, with many more skins to come in future updates.

This massive update also brings the devastatingly powerful new Crusader class. This brutal brawler thrives on the frontlines of combat. Wield a massive two-handed hammer and an array of epic abilities to pound enemies into submission. Race headlong into enemies with the brutally bombastic Blitz ability or summon a meteor from orbit to slam down on foes caught in the point of impact. There has never been anything like this in Defiance 2050 before!

Defiance 2050: Trouble in Paradise will be live later today and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what’s coming in this huge update. We can’t wait to see you back in the New Frontier!


Source: PlayStation Blog