December's Lineup for Xbox Live Games With Gold

Another month is over and with it, Games With Gold on Xbox Live has released its lineup for December 2015. Included in this month's lineup is The...
  1. Feyfolken
    Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the end of November right behind it. With the end of this month, comes the lineup for Xbox Live's Games With Gold for the month of December. Continuing from Games With Gold in November, Xbox One owners will get access to the Xbox 360 games as well as the games available on their own console. The games on Xbox 360 will have backwards compatibility support for Xbox One users and regardless of the console that you're using, you'll be able to play any multiplayer game in this lineup with any of your friends who might be on a different console.

    Xbox One users will be able to download The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing through the entire month. The action RPG was developed by NeoCore Games and was met with positive critical reception, enough to get two sequels made after its release. The second game available for gamers on the Xbox One is Thief, developed by Eidos Montreal and Square Enix. In Thief, you play as master thief Garrett in a world mixed with fantasy and steampunk elements. Thief will be available for free from December 16 until January 15.

    Those looking forward to the Xbox 360 lineup can look forward to an extra game being released for the holidays: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. The tactical shooter was developed by Codemasters and will be available from December 16 to December 31. From December 1 to December 15, players will have access to the arcade game CastleStorm. It was released in 2013 by Zen Studios and has seen a release on every major gaming platform since then. The final game for Xbox 360 is Sacred 3, a hack-and-slash brawler game developed by Keen Games and released in August 2014. The game is part of the Sacred series, but it was not met with as much of a positive reception as other games in the series. Sacred 3 will be available from December 16 until December 31.

    Xbox One owners will still have access to the Xbox 360 games in this lineup, as backwards compatibility support will be instated for these games as they are released. Every game in this lineup will be free to download only during the dates in which they are freely available, so make sure to get them while you can if you're interested in any of these titles.


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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Downloaded Thief on Xbox 360 when it was free but never played it. I'll probably play the Xbox One version.
  2. S13xMaster
    Thought they would give away something more .... decent on the 360.. guess i was wrong
  3. LookBroZombies_XBL
    I thought Thief sounded like Dishonored so I searched and found some comparison articles, I might be able to get into it but I doubt it will be as good based on what I've read. Oh well if it's, free it's for me!
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  4. Durva
    I will be picking up sacred 3
  5. The Jolly Roger
    Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is a great game, hopefully this will breath life back in to servers.
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  6. Jake790
    I can't even get the Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One what so ever... I am missing out on this month's xbox 360 games because when I try to download them they say "Bundle Only" and Microsoft Support wasn't so great at assisting me on the matter so I'm forced to miss out the 360 games... Thanks Microsoft.
    1. AlienFreek01
      If you have a 360 go on to it and purchase the game and then go to your one
    2. Jake790
      That's the thing I told them I didn't wanna do that and the support person tells me to give up my credit card information for me to get the game.
  7. (-_-)
    All these games are like $5...
  8. Deadpool
    Ugh thief sucked so bad.
  9. K _
    I see that a lot of people are interested in Theif. The game is a first-person perspective, first-person shooter game. This game is known as a "first-person sneaker". The game's objective is basically complete challenges, sneak around, AND DON'T GET CAUGHT! When sneaking around the game, it has a visibility level in the corner. Try to sneak around and stay in the shadows as best as you can. Basically, it's the same as all the other Theifs' in the series. It's not an extremely fun game, but hey, it's free! The game is basically the free version of Dishonored. Average Rating: 6-7/10
  10. televisedfool
    Eh.. Only thing worth downloading is Theif. Oh well, haven't played it on 8th gen consoles, only on the 360.
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    1. TheItalianLad
      Yeah I had Thief on the 360, played it for about 20 hours. Looking forward to playing it on the X1. Should be smoother and look much nicer.
    2. Tricky
      Operation Flashpoint was a pretty good game. I wouldn't mind playing it again.