With 2013 rapidly approaching, Microsoft's festive sale is finally coming to a close. Over the past month Xbox 360 gamers have been able to get their hands on some amazing deals (at least by MS standards) on some of the years' top titles; such as Max Payne 3 and the recently announced shooter of the year: Borderlands 2.

Today marks the best deal of all however, as Telltale Games' coveted series, The Walking Dead, has went on sale! With the first episode of the five part series already completely free, zombie enthusiasts will be able to snatch the whole package for the dirt cheap price of 800msp. With this series already being named as 2012's Game of the Year, 800msp is undeniably a bargain that many gamers will be sure to capitalise on today.

Here's a run down of todays deals:

The Walking Dead: Ep.1 “A New Day”– Free
The Walking Dead: Ep. 2 “Starved For Help” – 200 MP
The Walking Dead: Ep. 3 “Long Road Ahead” – 200 MP
The Walking Dead: Ep. 4 “Around Every Corner” – 200 MP
The Walking Dead: Ep. 5 “No Time Left” – 200 MP