Dead Rising 4 is already ditching the series' trademark campaign time limit, and now it's confirmed to lack another feature that fans may miss. In a Twitch stream, gameplay producer David McAnerin explained why they opted to go with a separate co-op mode as opposed to putting it into the campaign.

"We want to make sure we really focus on telling Frank's story," McAnerin said. "We think he's a really interesting character. It's really exciting to bring him back.

While the campaign won't feature multiplayer, McAnerin detailed a separate four-player co-op mode. It's inspired by the original game's Infinity mode, which had players trying to survive for as long as they can. This game's co-op mode gives players the opportunity to learn the backstories of four characters, who star in this mode. You play as them in the mall as you take on, what are described as, "crazy missions."

The mode starts with you in a safehouse, where you'll buy some weapons to prepare yourself for when the doors unlock. Once they do, you'll be able to wreak havoc on the zombie hordes and complete missions that take advantage of Dead Rising 4's systems. You'll need to get to the safehouse in order to survive to the end of the day, but it wasn't clear if it's a new safehouse or if you'd retreat back to the one you started at.

Dead Rising 4 releases for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on December 6, but it's only a timed exclusive and could release on PS4 and Steam in the future. The game's DLC offerings will include an 18-hole mini golf course that can be experienced with up to three other players online. The season pass is currently only available by preordering Dead Rising 4's Deluxe edition, but it will be sold on its own when the game launches.

Source: GameSpot