So if you didn't already start up Dead Rising 3 today, well then you are in for one huge treat.

A new DLC is expected for the most anticipated zombie game of the year later this week, so the update may, or may not be in preparation for the actual DLC download.

A 13 GB update for Dead Rising 3 was reported to be released for the Xbox One exclusively today.

The update was first revealed in a Tweet from Xbox studio manager Mike Ybarra, who said: "Wow, a 13GB DR3 update? Holy... good thing I have 110mbps," which was in reference if you do have bad download speed then you're pretty much screwed as 13GB is going to take some time to download, unless you do have like "Mike Ybarra" said, 100+ mbps down. With this update, people have also been complaining about their data caps on their internet providers, which could result into high payment bills from your providers.

Publisher Microsoft is yet to officially announce and detail the contents of the update, but we might expect some details on the update soon, since players on Twitter were saying that they really didn't see any changes at all on the game.

There might be some frame rate changes, but that is about it, and also some players were reporting that after the update that rendering time was cut in half, so maybe they fixed the rendering time of the scenery around you when in game.

Operation Broken Eagle, the first of four Dead Rising 3 DLC packs, is expected to be released on January 21. It is speculated that the sizable update is in preparation for the launch of the new content. If the update is 13GB, then I could just imagine how big the DLC is going to be, so to those Xbox One players I hope you have a lot of space on your Xbox One!

Those who want to play the game without downloading the update can do so by disconnecting the console from the internet. Obviously, Xbox Live becomes inaccessible when doing so.

Operation Broken Eagle will put players in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, who is on a mission to capture the missing president of the United States. The DLC is the first in a four-part series of game add-ons collectively titled "Untold Stories of Los Perdidos."

Operation Broken Eagle will cost $9.99 standalone, with European pricing yet to be confirmed. Follow-up DLC packs titled "Fallen Angel", "Chaos Rising", and "The Last Agent" are also scheduled to launch in late, or sooner 2014.

Here is the full list of title update changes that came along with the title update.

  1. Content for DLC episodes 3 and 4 added as part of this CU.
  2. Various Stability Fixes.
  3. Various Performance Improvements.
  4. Online Stability improvements.
  5. Added a progress bar to main menu while installer is running.
  6. Fixed an issue which could allow the user to overwrite their save file during streaming install while the game is booted.
  7. Fix for missing English VUI command in Multiplayer menu.
  8. Some improvements to item pickups.
  9. Fixed a reproducible issue where the player could get out of the world.
  10. Fixed an issue where music wasn’t present during the streaming install.
  11. Fixed some mission scripting issues.
  12. Fixed an issue which could cause some co-op players to not progress blueprint collection achievements correctly.
  13. Fixed an issue where the UI was not updating properly.
  14. Fixed an issue which caused glass textures to appear low-res.
  15. Fixed an issue which could cause shadows to render incorrectly.
  16. Fixed a texture issue with the Golden SledgeSaw weapon.
  17. SmartGlass stability fix.

Source: XboxMb

Source: Title Update info