Dead Rising’s Frank West Goes Back to the Mall in New Trailer

Frank West, back in Willamette Mall, neck-deep in zombies all over again. Who says there's no going back?
  1. Dito

    In the latest trailer for Dead Rising 4, protagonist Frank West returns to where he belongs: the Willamette Mall. When he’s not slashing limbs off zombies, he’s snapping selfies with them. We also catch another tiny glimpse of the plot: is this possibly a military experiment?

    Have a look, as Frank bashes, shoots, and smashes entire hordes of zombies, including with his new powered exosuit.

    As we’ve seen in previous trailers, Dead Rising 4 is still about hordes of zombies and improvised weapons. You can even attach items to the exosuit, just in case flipping a Humvee and literally tearing a zombie in half are too subtle for your taste.

    Xbox One players, are you psyched? You should be. Dead Rising 4 is a timed exclusive for Xbox One for 90 days, after which it’ll be released for Windows 10. Xbox One exclusivity runs lasts for a full year, after which it may appear on other platforms. That’s all we know at this point, although I’m sure PS4 players would appreciate the chance to maul zombies.

    The cheerful, holiday-themed Dead Rising 4 will be in your favorite shop on December 6.

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Waiting to see more on this game. Looks pretty cool so far.
  2. cracka brew
    SUXXX That PS4 is left out for a full year...
  3. skull198
    that is not frank at all. This version does not sound, look, or act like him at all. Other than that Looks like they've added to the game in a positive way.
    1. Pyroman
      Voice actors changed, money talks man.
    2. Zelk
      Well, yeah. The voice actor is different, but aside from that, the game takes place many years since the last time he has been seen canonically. After doing what he's done and experiencing everything he has, I'd be disappointed if he hadn't changed. People can change based on their experiences, and Frank has gone through a lot.