Dead or Alive 6 is on its way. An announcement trailer dropped on the eve of E3 2018, showing off a few of the fighters, arenas, and new combos that will be included. The game is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in early 2019. Dead or Alive 6 will be the first in the franchise to release exclusively on current generation hardware, and it shows.

The Dead or Alive franchise has always boasted impressive graphics, but Dead or Alive 6 appears to feature the most realistic visuals yet. The trailer for the game, which debuted on IGN, shows off how characters make different facial expressions in response to attacking, defending, dodging, or being hit. A more haggard look and bloody wounds appear on fighters who suffer a nasty combo, and delivering a flurry of blows will leave a combatant covered in sweat.

Visuals aren't the only aspect that's getting a makeover. Although Dead or Alive 6 features the same system of complex combat that appeals to fighting game veterans, it introduces two new mechanics to aid beginner players: Fatal Rush and Break Gauge. These new special combos let players pull off devastating attacks with very little practice. Mastering the perfect timing for these attacks will still prove challenging though, providing an extra incentive for more advanced players to learn the ins and outs of these new moves.

So far, only Kasumi, Hayate, Hayabusa, Helena, Jann Lee, and Zack have been confirmed for Dead or Alive 6. However, according to director and producer Yohei Shimbori, more familiar faces are on the way, as well as some brand new fighters that players haven't seen before.

Source: GameSpot