Dead Island 2 Has a New Developer

When the original team working on Dead Island 2 fell to shambles back in July, it seemed as though the game would be stuck in limbo for the...
  1. RaoulDuke

    With the definitive collection for the original games being announced just a week ago, it seemed as though a true next gen Dead Island title in the form of Dead Island 2 may be a distant pipe dream. The first development team for Dead Island 2, Yager Development, parted ways with publisher Deep Silver on the project back when the game was in its very early stages. There was an apparent difference in vision for the series between the two companies, which ended up leaving the Dead Island franchise in a standstill. Now roughly eight months later, the project has a spark of hope with the dev team Sumo Digital.

    Sumo Digital is best known for having a hand in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious and LittleBigPlanet 3. Bringing new light to a third installment into the Dead Island series, the open world zombie slasher will now have another chance to upgrade into the current generation. Therefore allowing the franchise to move forward in a more appropriate manner than simply remastering the first two titles in the series. The parent company of Deep Silver, Koch Media, had this to say when commenting on the new partnership with Sumo Digital…
    Dead Island 2 has now been delayed for almost two years, and was even in limbo for a time. However, now that the game has a development team and publisher who share an equal vision for it, Dead Island 2 can have yet another opportunity to prosper if everything falls into place. Dead Island 2 will be released onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC at an unknown time.

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Game better be good once it comes out for how much it's been delayed.
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  2. Cloudie
    Well hopefully, this game will be good as the first title. Riptide was just ****. I really want this game to be great. Most likely I'll wait for streams or gameplay to be uploaded before buying.
  3. Local Pool Guy
    Dead island was an amazing game, then when riptide came out it changed my original thought of the franchise. Let's hope dead island 2 doesn't fall into the same category as riptide, otherwise they might as well not bring it to the shelves.
  4. TheItalianLad
    I really liked the first game. Riptide was a real let down but hopefully this game turns out really well because I had the best memories on this.
  5. PSGAndr3w
    While I enjoy the Dead Island IP, I feel that every time this game is delayed and/or changes hands lowers its potential quality greatly. I think its time that this game (not the franchise itself) was killed off, before it goes the way of Duke Nukem.
  6. televisedfool
    Awesome :biggrin:

    Loved the first game and am waiting on the collection to play through Riptide. Hopefully the second game is a lot like the first one but with obvious improvements to the gameplay mechanics and performance.
  7. HeadShotKilla9x
    Hopefully it can go for a more serious, or even darker theme. That trailer was so silly and dumb, it looked like garbage to me.
  8. RaoulDuke
    Credit to Skepta for the topic!
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