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Das Ultimate 4 Keyboard - A Sleek High-Quality Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, one of the first things that comes to the mind of many people is gaming. It’s not uncommon to see flashy...
  1. Monopolyman

    When it comes to mechanical keyboards, one of the first things that comes to the mind of many people is gaming. It’s not uncommon to see flashy mechanical keyboards with all sorts of bells and whistles. Das Keyboard takes a bit of a different approach to the keyboard market. Instead of pushing over-the-top features, they aim for sleekness and quality with their products. The Das Ultimate 4 is a keyboard that follows the Das paradigm and offers a really great experience.

    Just by the weight of the keyboard, it’s clear that Das isn’t joking around with the build quality of the Ultimate. The main plate of the keyboard is made out of anodized aluminum and the entire body is very durable. The ABS keycaps sit on top of gold-plated Cherry MX switches. The Cherry MX switches offer a great typing experience as expected, but the ABS keycaps leave a bit to be desired considering PBT is the plastic of choice when it comes to keycaps. The keyboard also includes an optional bar that attaches to the underside of the keyboard via magnets. This offers a slight angle to use the keyboard at, but the footbar doesn’t have rubber feet like the keyboard itself does. This can lead to the keyboard occasionally sliding out of place depending on your typing surface.

    The functionality of the keyboard is rather simple, but it does exactly what is needed from a keyboard. In addition to the standard 104 keys there are also five extra buttons. Three of which offer media controls, such as skip back, play/pause, and skip forward. Above the media keys is a small button that sleeps the computer and a button that mutes the audio. Next to these five buttons there is large knob that controls the volume. The knob is slightly offset from the edge of the keyboard making it easily adjustable from the side. The knob has a tactile feedback that makes it very easy to determine how much the volume is being changed. On the backside of the keyboard there are two USB 3.0 ports that pass through the lengthy six and a half foot USB cable. It should also be noted that Das made it possible to enable full n-key rollover over the USB cable, making a PS/2 adapter unnecessary.

    One of the biggest factors that make The Ultimate 4 stand out from other keyboards is its look. The keyboard is completely black with the only colors being the red accent on the volume knob and the small blue LEDs that indicate the toggle-able functions like caps, scroll, or number lock. To keep this sleek look, all of the keycaps are completely blank. All of the standard sized keys are the same with the exception of bumps to indicate the home keys. While this may seem unpractical to a inexperienced typer, it does offer some benefits. The biggest one is the ability to easily switch between layouts. Changing your keyboard layout is very easy to do without having to switch around the keys. It also offers a great opportunity to learn unorthodox keyboard layouts like dvorak.

    The Das Ultimate 4 is the perfect balance between form and function. It may not offer the same type of bells and whistles that can be found on gaming products, but it offers a great out-of-the-box typing experience. Looks are certainly subjective, but this is definitely a better looking keyboard for those who prefer a more minimalistic style.

    The Das Ultimate 4 was sent to us for review by Massdrop. Massdrop allows you to vote on cool tech and various products you may be interested in buying. If enough people are interested in the same product, you can buy it for a price significantly lower than the MSRP.

    To join Massdrop, simply click on the link below.

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    I am a young writer who is passionate about gaming and technology. PC is my preferred platform, but I appreciate all forms of video games. I enjoy voicing my opinion in the articles I write, but also like to keep our readers informed on the latest news.


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  1. Dudecjl2
    Troll keyboard.Imagine a rich ten year old who only plays minecraft getting this.
  2. SageVegaS
    I've been using this since May and I will probably never buy a keyboard that isn't a Das from now on lol.
    Felt great moving to this from the original Das Ultimate.
  3. AzzidReign
    I love simple! I wish I would have seen this before purchasing my keyboard.
  4. K _
    ehh. I don't know if I like this keyboard. It looks kinda plain, for my gaming sessions I prefer Razor, I want ****ing lit up everything. And I mean, lit. :wink:
    1. HowAmI
      You want a black Christmas keyboard ?
    2. K _
  5. lol
    I like the look of that keyboard. Keyboards look better without an insane amount of leds. I still look at my keyboard from time to time when I'm typing though, but maybe with the blank keys, my typing would improve.
  6. 3xTiNcT
    Looks pretty cool. I'd probably have to write on which key is which though.
      SomeGuyWithHPV likes this.
    1. HowAmI
      They have the same keyboard without the blanks
    2. 3xTiNcT
      Well writing on it myself could be cool.
  7. HowAmI
    Finally some more info on this company
  8. Stonerzard
    I think I'll just go with a Razer keyboard, there's no info on anti-ghosting so I assume keys ghost on this still? No switch for turning the windows key either? I think it's a massive rip-off at those prices!
    1. View previous replies...
    2. Monopolyman
      This keyboard does actually have n-key rollover, I just forget to mention it. The Das Ultimate 4 actually supports full n-key rollover over USB, whereas the Razer only supports 10-key rollover. I will update the article to make sure it's clear this supports n-key rollover. Also, the Razer may have more bells and whistles for gaming but the whole point of the Das is build quality and the typing experience. I've used both Razer and Das keyboards, and I can say the Das feels like it is a better typing experience than a Razer.
    3. HowAmI
      Lets see they use Plastic instead of Aluminum, Khail switches which are knock offs, horrible build quality, RGB for 10 year old children that play Minecraft, over priced. Ugly UI. Razer has a horrible repuatation because they gave themselves it you're obviously brainwashed.
    4. Stonerzard
      Monopolyman Thanks for clearing that up, it appeared to me that it was lacking features for a good gaming keyboard.
  9. TheItalianLad
    A sleek design is my favourite design. I actually really like this and it is cheap! May purchase it.
  10. OctaVariuM
    Man, I love Das. I have their professional series from I think 2014, maybe 2013 that I got on eBay for like $70 and I use it every day. Great product. Nice review btw man :smile:.
      Night and Monopolyman like this.