Bloodborne is a soon to be released PlayStation 4 exclusive that has been talked about since early 2014. Soon after its first look video was shown in June of 2014, the game's project director Hidetaka Miyazaki claimed that he wanted to appeal to a larger audience with the game by making it easier to progress through. This comment did appeal to a large audience, as many players are not found of ridiculously difficult gaming, but it did not appeal to most Dark Souls fans. This is a problem because Hidetaka Miyazaki created Dark Souls, and many fans of the game were expecting Bloodborne to be the Dark Souls of the current generation of gaming, which could only truly be accomplished if the game was difficult, as high difficulty largely represented the Dark Souls games.


However, the game has found a compromise that will hopefully result in these target audiences being merged together: the game's developer, MCV, stated recently that a New Game Plus mode has been implemented that is significantly harder than the original mode. This new mode should appeal to Dark Souls fans, as the upcoming game already shared many aspects with Dark Souls, and now has one more similarity. In fact, MCV shared with the public that even the developers of the game are having difficulty completing the new mode, saying the following: “Yes, there will be a New Game Plus mode. We’re having trouble beating it, though."

Personally, I am very excited about this news. Upon seeing Bloodborne's first look, I saw many elements of Dark Souls, and I immediately considered purchasing the upcoming game. However, I was disappointed after hearing that high difficulty was not the aim for the project, as that is a large factor of why I like the Dark Souls games. This has changed my view of the game for the better, and I will certainly be purchasing it.

What do you as readers think? Does this make you desire the game more or less?