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Crytek Announces Oculus Rift Exclusive: The Climb


After completely changing pace from an arena fighter to a free-to-play FPS, Crytek is now making another major leap, this time into VR gaming. Utilizing the power of their very own Cryengine and the technological upgrade that is Virtual Reality, Crytek is looking to push the boundaries of realism in gaming with their new title, The Climb. Players will get to scale real locations from around the world, as they carefully select where to grab a hold of next, in hopes that they won’t go tumbling off the rock face to their ultimate demise.

In The Climb we will play in a first-person viewpoint as we move from foothold to foothold. The Climb will be compatible with either an Xbox One controller or the Oculus Touch controllers, giving players the chance to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling experience. Just to up the ante and make the game a much more intense adventure for gamers, the main protagonist of the game will be free-climbing without a harness, or any other gear for that matter. He will simply be using the gloves on his hands to traverse the gigantic formations of rock.

Combining beautiful landscapes, scenic locations, and nail-biting gameplay, The Climb is looking to be an instant classic among thrill-seekers everywhere. For a game such as this, VR is the absolutely perfect platform to fully engage a player and make them feel as if they truly are scaling a massive rock face, compared to looking at a television or computer screen and feeling very disconnected with the in-game adventure. Although a release timeframe for The Climb is not yet known, as Crytek has only just revealed the game today, you can check into The Climb blog from time to time by following the link below to see when Crytek announces further information!
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