Crusader Kings II, the acclaimed 2012 strategy game from Paradox Interactive, is free to download on Steam until 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, April 6. This is a free, permanent copy to keep, not a trial. The grand strategy game is available for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac.

After the giveaway is over, Crusader Kings 2 will be offered at a 75 percent discount. The freebie appears to be tied to promotional bundles, each offered at discounts ranging from 27 percent to 58 percent.

A programmer at Paradox Development Studio ducked into Reddit to answer questions. When someone asked if this was tipped off that a Crusader Kings 3 anytime soon, they replied, “From a business PoV, we want more people to discover our games and buy our DLC.”

Crusader Kings 2 launched in February 2012 on Windows PC. Set in medieval times, the mixture of diplomacy, court intrigue and military strategy won it a loyal following. In addition to war and conquest, players use marriages and assassinations to maintain their dynasty’s hold on their kingdom.

Crusader Kings 2 was followed by 14 expansion packs over the next five years, the latest being November’s Jade Dragon, which added interactions with China and other features. These expansions are part of the bundles on sale on Steam: The Dynasty Starter pack for $28.29, which includes one DLC pack and four expansions; and the Love Bundle for $84.50, which includes all 14 expansions.

Source: Polygon