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Create Your Own Custom Controller With Xbox Design Lab


Microsoft is finally furthering their efforts to expand upon their customization options they offer to their hardcore fans. In order to do this, they have introduced a new way for Xbox fans to customize one of the key elements when it comes to gaming: your controller. Introducing the Xbox Design Lab, Microsoft’s new online controller customization program that will give their fans over 8 million different color combinations to choose from. With XDL, your controller will now become a unique product you can truly call your own.

Every controller available in the Xbox Design Lab is an official Xbox Wireless Controller that’s ready to be splashed with whatever colors come to your mind. You’ll be able to customize everything from the controller’s body, back case, and D-pad, to the bumpers, triggers, thumb sticks, ABXY, View, and Menu buttons. The options aren’t necessarily restricted to colors, because what’s a custom controller without your name laser engraved onto it? That’s right, you’ll be able to have your name, gamertag, or any other custom message, just as long as it’s 16 characters or less. If you’re stuck on what design you should use, go ahead and check out the Xbox Community Gallery to see what other designs fans have come up with. You can save your favorites, and even share them to your friends via email or social media!

Every Xbox Design Lab controller will come with the new features that the Xbox One S controller will have. It’ll be compatible with both the Xbox One S and the standard Xbox One. With features such as a textured grip, extended wireless signals, and Bluetooth capabilities for a seamless connection to your Windows 10 powered PC, what’s not to love?

The Xbox Design Lab is currently open for customers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Every controller will cost you $79.99 USD, and $99.99 CAD for Canadian customers. If you want your controller to have laser engraving, that’ll run you an extra $9.99 USD and $14.99 CAD. Ordering your controller between now and the beginning of August will ensure Microsoft ships your custom controller out as early as September. Any order placed after the specified time frame will be shipped out within 14 business days after ordering. If you’re disheartened about your country not having access to the Xbox Design Lab, worry not. Microsoft will be extending the reach for their custom controller options to in 2017, so stay tuned until then.

Xbox Design Lab
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