Crashlands is an immensely likable combat, exploration, and crafting game, released earlier this year by Butterscotch Shenanigans for Android, iOS and Windows PC. Time magazine recently named it as one of its top ten games of the year.

A new patch released today adds magical qualities to collectible items. Called the “Juicemancy system,” it allows players to customize weapon and equipment stats. Magical additions allow players to create more specialized items. New items have also been introduced to boost elemental powers. In addition, the patch adds WASD and controller support.

Crashlands has so far sold more than 300,000 copies, according to co-developer Sam Coster. He says the team is planning to create console versions in the year ahead. The game is currently on Steam’s Daily Deal, selling for a 30 percent discount at $10.49.

You can read all about Crashlands inspiring development in our feature, which tells the story of how the team responded to one of its member’s struggling with a rare form of cancer. You can also watch us play the game here.

Source: Polygon